Press Review [Archives:1999/20/Press Review]

May 17 1999

Sanaa Weekly, Mouthpiece of 
the Yemeni Socialist Party,    13/5/1999 
Main Headlines: 
1- Opposition Parties discuss their election platform and the endorsing of the presidential candidate. 
2- The Supreme Election Committee bows to powerful groups and reshuffles members in the elections committees. 
3- The YSP Central Committee is to convene on Saturday to touch upon political and economic developments, the presidential elections and the correction of the voters lists. 
4- In Ibb, Jaruullah Omer, YSP Politburo member attends mass gatherings and says that the opposition is seriously concerned with running in and winning the presidential race. 
5- The Journalists Defense League denounces the assault on the Chief Editor of Al-Shum’u newspaper. 
6-The Committee for the Defense of victims of peaceful struggle warns of oppression on public liberties.