Press Review [Archives:1999/25/Press Review]

June 21 1999

Sanaa Weekly, Official,
Main Headlines:
1- The Prime Minister meets with the leaders of political parties and discusses Yemen’s participation in the Emerging Democracies Forum with them.
2- Sanaa Declaration on Tourism will be announced this coming week.
3- The PGC Assistant Secretary General Mr. Yahya Al-Motawakel calls for dialogue between political parties.
4- The House of Representatives begin debating Arab Anti-Terrorism Protocol.
5- Absence of coordination between financial and monetary policies.
6- Mr. Ahmed Al-Imad, a PGC party leader denies any contentions inside his party.
7- Mr. Yahya Al-Shami, YSP Politburo says that the agenda of his party’s presidential candidate will be deliberated in the upcoming round of the YSP Central Committee.
8- Disputes over powers which have been delegated to the investigation committee the parliament had created to study the Supreme Election Committee’s violations.