Press Review [Archives:1999/35/Press Review]

August 30 1999

Al-Omah weekly newspaper 
1) Tribal efforts are still on-going to alleviate the death penalty against Al-Mehdar and Al-Junidi 
The tribal committee of the Shabowah district did not succeed to meet the President of the Republic, as it intended to appeal to the President in requesting him not to sign the death penalty against Al-Mehdar, the leader of Aden/Abyan Islamic army. Sources said, other intensive efforts are exerted by sheikhs from different Yemeni tribes to alleviate the death penalty against Al-Mehdar and Al-Junidi. During last week, the Supreme Court studied the file of the appealed submitted by the defense of the case. Source said that, it is expected that fifteen of the Aden/Abyan Islamic army might be called by the court to hear charges for forming an armed gang, possessing weapons and carrying out bombing acts in different areas of the Republic.   
2) Armed clashes inside the campus of Damar University 
Lately, in Damar district, arguments aggravated to clash with weapons and exchange of fire between the Chief Accountant and the General of the Education Center of Damar University. The motive of the clash is still unknown and the incident caused injury of the General Director of the Center and another person. Consequently, all employees of the University launched a semi-strike, protesting against such behaviors on campus.