Press Review [Archives:1999/39/Press Review]

September 27 1999

Al-Omah weekly newspaper – Yemen 23.9.99

-The British convicted refused to cancel their appeal
Yemeni prosecutors and defence lawyers for ten 10 Moslem, including 8 Britons convicted on terrorism charges in Yemen failed to convince them to withdraw their appeal, which might enable the convicted to go back home or reduce the jail sentences. More over, they claim the court to announce their innocence. There are expectations that the case file will be completely closed during the coming few weeks, especially that the Yemeni Government is under strong pressures by the British Government, regarding the same case. Sources said that, there are great anticipations that the Yemeni Government might release the convicted under presidential amnesty or to extradite them to Briton to stand in front of the British court. But in both alternatives the file will be nearly closed. Defence lawyers have been discussing an agreement with the relevant parties, under which both sides would withdraw their appeals. A Yemeni official said earlier that if a deal was reached, the defendants could have their sentences reduced
-Ben Laden Assistance is a mediator to release Arabs from Afghanistan in the Yemeni jails
Reliable source anticipated the arrival of high ranking official from the American CIA to Yemen in the near future. The purpose of his visit is to gather information related to the group convicted of terrorism. Same source link between the arrival of the CIA member and the expected visit of Osma Ben Laden’s assistance, who is also intending to visit Yemen at the same period of time. He will meet Adan / Abyan Islamic leaders and the high ranking officials and Sheiks, in power to negotiate with the Government in order to appeal forgiveness for Al-Mehdar , the leader of Aden Abyan Islamic Army who is facing death penalty. He is also intending to claim release of the Arabs from Afghanistan, detained in the Yemeni Jails. Other source asserted that, the main purpose of his visit is to fine a secure refuge to Osama Ben Laden. Still the credibility of all contradictory news is unknown.