Press Review [Archives:1999/44/Press Review]

November 1 1999

Al-Sahwa, weekly, Yemeni Islah Party:
1) The Liquidation of the Industrial Bank:
Economic circles are puzzled by declaration that the Industrial Bank was liquidated. While some sources attribute the reason to the BankÕs inability to retrieve the debts given to prominent and influential personalities, the situation continues to be very vague especially regarding the true reasons and the details of the BankÕs status before its liquidation.   Some circles urged for disclosure of the real reasons and a policy of transparency of information in such important issues that directly affect the state and national economies.
2)Islah Welcomes Dialogue, Demands Corrections:
Dr. Abdul Rahman Ba Fadhl, Chairman of the Islah Parliament Caucus told Al-Sahwa that the dialogue between the Islah and all main parties is open and continuous. He said Islah welcomes any serious or fruitful discussions between all political parties in Yemen for the general interests of Yemen.
He added in an interview with 26th September eddition of the newspaper that Sheikh Abdul Majid Al-Zindani didn’t intend to be nominated a candidate in the last Presidential elections.
As to the lifting of subsidization of food materials Dr. Ba Fadhl pointed that he himself, when he was the Minister of Supply, called for lifting the subsidization of wheat and flour. His call was, however, on the condition that the amount of money used for that purpose should be given to him, and shouldn’t remain in the pockets of the those spoiled so that a disaster isn’t multiplied.
Dr. Ba Fadhl wondered about the fate of $700 which was previously used for that purpose and was lifted.