Press Review [Archives:1999/46/Press Review]

November 15 1999

His Majesty King Abdulla the Second of Jordan received the Yemeni military delegation led by Brigadier General Mohammed Al-Qasimi, Deputy Chief of Staff for Technical Affairs which conveyed to His Majesty the best wishes for prosperity and development and greetings of President Saleh, for him and the people of Jordan. The brotherly mutual relations and aspects of cooperation between both countries were also discussed.
During the meeting King Abdulla the Second granted Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Ali Abdulla Saleh the rank of Colonel in the Arab Jordanian Army.
It is to be recalled that Ahmed Ali Abdulla Saleh had graduated from the Royal Jordanian Academy of Command with a Masters degree in Military Sciences.
2)Yemen Mud Architecture on U. S. A. TV:
Pamela Groom, a specialist in American traditional architecture and Katherine Corby a TV producer have concluded the longest TV documentary film on traditional mud architecture in Wadi Hadhramout, Alsharq Alawsat of London reported. The documentary film which was financed by the American Institute for Yemeni Studies and Universal Tourism shall be screened on several American TV stations in addition to Yemen TV.
The 25-minute documentary highlights interesting information on the architectural and geometrical characteristics, local materials and way of building of the traditional mud architecture in Yemen. It is to be recalled that there are 700-year-old 7-story mud houses in the town of Shibam, Hadhramout Governorate.
3)A Female Police Force Next Year:
A special female police force shall be established early next year. Applications to join shall be received and contests organized for those wishing to join the new force. Special courses shall also be arranged to highly qualify the members of the new force. The first core of the female police force shall be of 50 members. Missions shall be added and diversified gradually for the new force especially those related to females.
4)Ancient Monuments Discovered at Lahj:
Residents of Al-Nauba area, Wadi Al-Dhabab, Halimayn District in Lahj Governorate discovered an old historical wall and pre-Islamic marble statutes. Saba’ean Musnad inscriptions were found on the wall. At another location named Habeel Al-Suraim in the same district other statutes of human beings going back to the Kingdom of Himyar were found.