Press Review [Archives:1999/50/Press Review]

December 13 1999

YSP   Clinton call for Freedom of Worship:
President Clinton indicated there are still places at which Muslims don’t enjoy the freedom of worship. He added in a statement aimed at Muslims and to believers in other religions on the occasion of the holy Muslim month of Ramadhan that he is looking forward towards a day in which believers in all religions shall be free to worship in an environment of freedom and tolerance; and Americans shall be able to enjoy and gain strength from the aspects of diversity. Mr. Clinton said that Ramadhan carries with it a promise of renewal and hope in a more harmonious world and a better understanding of the plights of the poor and how to reduce their sufferings.
A Campaign against Anti-Women Violence:
The Permanent Arab Court against Violence Aimed at Women announced that its campaign for the ‘Right of the Female’ that aims to break bands forced on women in ten Arab countries, including Yemen, has begun. In its first phase, the campaign shall shed light upon several problems faced by women in these countries including equality in divorce, unifying of judicial references, women’s rights of bringing up children and in marital home, and the establishment of a government fund to guarantee the right of alimony, in addition to personal status systems which don’t guarantee for women even the minimum of human rights. These problems are a huge hurdle for female participation in social development and cause an increase of violence and divorce in families and limit the share of women in public life in the Arab World.