Press Review [Archives:2000/04/Press Review]

January 24 2000

Al-Haq Party   Reports About Famine Death Cases in Hajr
Reports from Mahruh area in Hajr district, Hadhramout governorate say that several people died there because of undernourishment. Arrivals from this area to the district capital said that those living at Mahruh are very poor.
The same area had witnessed in the near past the spread of famine and the local authorities have declined to fulfil their duties toward the people of this area which is deprived from any health, agricultural or development project.
Is Abu Hamzah Al-Masri Hiding in Abyan?
It was heard in the southern and southeastern areas that Abu Al-Hamzah Al-Masri is now in Abyan governorate. It is claimed that Al-Masri arrived in Aden after concluding the Lesser Haj (Umrah) and moved into Abyan incognito. It is said that he is trying to revive the ‘Jihad’ group. It is recalled that Al-Masri is demanded by the Egyptian government, as he is one of the Arab ‘Afghans’ who had fought in Afghanistan. It is claimed that Abu Al-Hamzah holds the Yemeni nationality and is married to the daughter of a Marib sheikh where he dwells. He has been fleeing the authorities in Yemen for nearly one year.
Israeli Goods in Yemen
Some citizens have noticed Israeli goods offered for sale at Aden markets. It has been reported for some time now that checking these materials was never fully effective or forceful by the relevant authorities, which gives these (subsidized) goods multiple passage points into the country. Some reports say that these goods arrive through [Arab] Gulf countries and that they include clothes, electronics and mobile telephones that might bear the names of other countries [as countries of origin].