Press Review [Archives:2000/06/Press Review]

February 7 2000

Yemen Socialist Party   Police Fails in Trailing Kidnappers
Al-Thawri has learnt that a group of policemen and security forces was able last Friday and Saturday to trail the kidnappers at Al-A’lam and Al-Thaniyyah locations up to the border with Saudi Arabia but they could not continue after the kidnappers eliminated the tyremarks left by their vehicle.
Reports were yesterday saying that the police was suspecting that a prominent Marib Governorate military officer was hiding the kidnappers and the hostage in a Marib military camp.
Al-Thawri sources report that the failure of the police is because the kidnappers have efficient high level transport and observation capabilities, which enabled them to disappear in many places and foil all efforts by the police to trace them.
Yemen…Where To?
It is recalled that the data on the amounts and values of oil exports do not reflect the full truth, because oil production and export operations in Yemen are very vague and suppressed. No body knows the real full numbers of oil discovered, produced and exported except a small number at the top of the ruling group in addition to some Ministry of Oil and foreign oil companies officials.
As a result of that the declared revenues are only those revenues which enter officially into Government accounts and not the revenues from the unknown exported amounts of oil.
And even the declared revenues are exhausted and spent by the high authorities on marginal and illegal aspects, neither in the interests of the people nor for social and economic development.
Further more all data and statistics on state revenues in general and oil export revenues in particulars are under great doubt due to the possibility of falsification of data.   Article by: Dr. Yahya Saleh Mohsen.