Press Review [Archives:2000/07/Press Review]

February 14 2000

Government    Let’s Avoid Harming Saudi-Yemeni Relations 
The Council of Ministers has expressed Yesterday its anger for open lies and fabricated reports that are being published by some irresponsible newspapers that are aimed at spoiling the strong brotherly relations between the two brotherly peoples of Yemen and Saudi Arabia and damaging their common interests. The Council stressed the need for all to seek the truth and avoid anything that might harm the relations between the neighborly countries that are fostered together by links of fraternity, cordiality, kinship and good neighborhood. 
President Signature Forger Tried: 
A Sanaa Court studies the case against a person who forged the signature of President Saleh. The accused, a soldier in the armed forces, is claimed to have forged the Presidents signature on a piece of paper ordering that he and a colleague of him be promoted to a higher rank. He is accused also of forging the signature of a Presidential Councilor three times to gain about $4400.