Press Review [Archives:2000/09/Press Review]

February 28 2000

Al-Haq Party   The Strangest Verdict in the World
The opposition parties Coordination Council expressed its full solidarity with the Popular Unionist Nasserite Organization, Al-Wahdawi newspaper and journalist Jamal A’amer for the unfair verdict issued by a West Sana’a Court. The verdict had ordered halting the publication of Al-Wahdawi for one month, that Mr. A’amer shall be prohibited from writing and be fined 5,000 Rials. It is part of a long chain of malice and on act of sabotage against independent and partisan media in order to further decrease the thin democratic institution in the country.
The Coordination Council added that this verdict stresses the need for an independent judicial system and that the executive authorities should refrain from interfering in judicial affairs according to the separation of powers principle. The Council confirmed that the verdict is a serious impingement of democracy, one of the strangest verdict in the world.
Zionist and Yemeni Businessmen Meet?
It was reported that a meeting was held in Cyprus between [some] Yemeni businessmen and Jewish businessmen of Yemeni origin. The Yemeni businessmen were offered deals in Israeli goods and joint investments in Yemen and Israel.
Some sources have disclosed that the Government of Yemen is being pressured to permit the introduction into Yemen and sale of Israeli manufactured goods.
It had been previously reported that Israeli goods are smuggled into Yemen and sold to the people as Indonesian or Yemeni goods. Some are said to be sold openly as Israeli made. Aden Governorate is considered an important place for getting Israeli goods, which arrive by sea and are unloaded in the territorial waters of Yemen into small private boats, which bring them to the coasts of Aden.