Press Review [Archives:2000/12/Press Review]

March 20 2000

Independent   Ex-President: Al-Ayyam is Patriotic
Ex-President Ali Nasser Mohammed expressed his uneasiness with the reports that Al-Ayyam is the victim of a campaign of unjust accusations and attacks. Ex-President Mohammed said in an interview with Azzaman of London that he felt upset with such painful reports because Al-Ayyam has been a patriotic newspaper since its establishment by the Master of press in Yemen Mr. Mohammed Ba Shraheel. He added that Al-Ayyam was a strong voice against [British] occupation and imperialism and accompanied our people along its march.
He added that the Ba Shraheel is one of the most prominent families of Yemen and that he is confident that President Saleh shall not permit any attempt by whoever -especially by officials- to have the audacity to raise suspicion over its honor and history.
A Tribal Congress on Kidnappings
The speaker of Parliament, Sheikh Abdulla Al-Ahmar, Chairman of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform (the Islah Party) said that he is preparing for congress to gather sheikhs of the tribes of Yemen to discuss the phenomenon of the kidnapping of foreigners and blastings of the oil pipes which are increasing.
Sheikh Al-Ahmar, who was speaking to Al-Khaleej of the United Arab Emirates said that the said congress shall be aimed at the criminalizing of the said phenomenon which has extremely defamed Yemen and hurt the economy. Harsh penalties shall be executed against the culprits. They should also be ostracized from their tribes, Sheikh Al-Ahmar added.
A Judge Asks for Justice!
Judge Mohammed Al-Washali of the Ebb Governorate Court of Appeal wrote to Sheikh Abdulla Al-Ahmar, the Speaker of parliament complaining a piece of land owned by him at Damt is being confiscated by (N. A’. A) despite instructions to the contrary by the Court, the Office of the Attorney General and Sheikh Al-Ahmar himself. Judge Al-Washali said the culprit is taking heart from a brother of his (A’. A’. A) who is a member of Parliament!
Al-Washali called upon Sheikh Al-Ahmar to interfere in order to stop such mockeries and for the reconsolidating of Islamic Sharia’h (law) Principals which guarantees the safe ownership of properties.