Press Review [Archives:2000/15/Press Review]

April 10 2000

Al-Haq Party   Politics Rule Over Sharia’ah in Spanish Muslim Child Case:
Legal sources cite peculiar that the court of South-East Sana’a for urgent cases to rule that the child be handed in accordance to a verdict of a Spanish court, as the Spanish law gives the role of the custodian to the mother. It is a serious precedent in the Yemeni judiciary, which is based on the Islamic system.
The father, a German who had embraced Islam left Germany, and tried to get refuge at an Islamic country; to protect him and his child, É, whom he named Muneer Sharaf Addeen, when it was said that a Spanish court gave the mother the right to be the custodian.
It is recalled that the father had joined Al-Eyman University since his arrival in Yemen. He was unfairly deported to Germany by the Ministry of the Interior,
It is known by Sharia’a that a non-Muslim has no authority over a Muslim. This is what the Ulema put clearly to the Sheikh; but it is significant that, in Yemen, politics preside over Sharia’ah.