Press Review [Archives:2000/17/Press Review]

April 24 2000

AL-USBOA’ (Independent, weekly, 20th April) was the newspaper which ran the only article that seems to have a different look at this thorny issue. However, it forwarded to this article with this:
“For sure, we at the newspaper don’t agree with what is said in this article, nor do we embrace its view. But is the fear? Why not to give people a different opinion?
“Debate is allowed on an issue that used to be anonymously considered as taboo. Debate might become useful to measure whether a part of the people of Yemen has forgot all the pains and renounced all taboos. Maybe it is Abdul Rahim’s Mohsen personality that drives him away from the rest.
Titled “Yemeni Jews Ð A March Back Home?” the article said:
“As confirmed by the Rabbi of Sa’ada who steadfastly continues to dwell in his own land and home, the early Israelites lived in the land of YMNT – which is also called several other names, such as the South West of the Arab Peninsula or the Peninsula of Himyar- more than 3000 years ago. And according to modern research, the Israelites appeared in what is called now Yemen long before Judaism or Yehuda.”It is needless to comment here that this boast is neither supported by the said Rabbi or by modern research.
The article continues:
Why is all this designed uproar about a visit by a small number of human beings, of Jews of Yemeni origin who are living in Israel, who came carrying passports that were provided by their state which provides them also by employment, education, medical services and housing? Not to mention those from Europe, America or Russia.
“The Jews lived [in Yemen] under social and sectarian oppression and were forced to live in ‘isolation’.
“The current uproar only benefits the current sectarian regime and supports its political and financial resources.
“The Normalization or establishment of relations is not the real issue. The real issue is that the current regime is using this card in order to beg its legitimacy from the outside world. As for us, the oppressed majority in Yemen, it serves our interests to coexist with our Jewish or Christian co-national (whether black or white) wherever the might be dwelling: in the United States, Israel or even far behind the sun. There are no differences between us and them.”