Press Review [Archives:2000/18/Press Review]

May 1 2000

(Independent weekly, 25th April) was the first Yemeni newspaper to report on the incidents at Najran.
  AL-WAHDAWI (People’s Unionist Nasserit Organization, weekly 25th April) quoted informed sources at Sa’ada governorate that fierce fighting erupted between Saudi forces and the tribe of Wa’elah when the tribe stopped the Saudi forces from chasing members of the Ismaili sect [Makrami is a more suitable name] who had took refuge inside the tribe’s area.
It is noted that the majority of Yemeni newspapers, official and partisan and independent, are trying to steer away from the Najran developments. Most of opposition newspapers represent political forces that are ‘too near’ to Saudi Arabia to comment; while the others are trying not to disturb the celebration of the 10 anniversary of unity at which Crown Prince Abdulla bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia shall be the most prominent guest.

AL-UMMAH which ran a story about the developments in and around Najran published a statement issued by the “Isma’elites of Yemen” calling to stop the acts in Saudi Arabia designed to exterminate their brethren there.
However, about the fighting in which the tribe of Wa’elah was involved AL-UMMAH said that it erupted with another Yemeni tribe: Daham.