Press Review [Archives:2000/19/Press Review]

May 8 2000

ATTAGAMMOA’ (Unionist Yemeni Congregation, weekly, 1st May):
A Yemeni Slays His Russian Wife Inside a Court.
Israel’s Ha a’rtz: Discussions with Yemen Continue.
AL-MITHAQ (People’s General Congress, weekly, 1st May):
Dignitaries of Aden:
Remnants of Colonialism, Communism Don’t Represent Aden.
Anti Eryani Campaign is Aimed against Unity and Democracy.
RA’Y (Sons of Yemen League, weekly, 1st May):
Sixty MPs Demand Interpellation of Al-Eryani and Ba Jammal.
Al-BALAGH (Independent, weekly, 1st May)
US Ambassador: The Constitution Allows Insulting Friends.
Seven Die Because of Torture and Postponement.
In an article titled “An Islamic Fatwa, Guidance and Forewarning” The Learned Scholar Ibrahim bin Mohammed Al-Wazir wrote:
“The issue we want to discuss and draw the attention of all to it is the coming to Yemen by warring Jews. We say: It is known for sure that, for warring enemies there is only one judgment upon which all Muslim Scholars agree. This judgement is different from that which applies to [Christian and Jewish] covenators who live in an Islamic state as its nationals. They live fully secured according to God’s pact. Their liberties, properties and honor are respected. Any one who offends them without any reason has betrayed God’s and the Prophet’s Pact.
“But those warring Jews who joined the Jewish state in fighting against Islam and against Muslims are subject to a different judgement. They don’t enjoy any kind of immunity. They aren’t given any kind of immunity by the Sharia’ah.”
“Whether they are of Yemeni, Arab or European origin or not; as long as they have joined to the state of the enemy that endeavors Islam’s glory and Muslim’s dignity, and have become its nationals, they shouldn’t be cooperated with, brought or allowed to enter an Islamic country.
AL-WAHDAWI (Unionist People’s Nasserite Organization, weekly, 2nd May):
Amnesty International 1999 Report on Yemen:
Arrest and Unjust Trials Continue against Political Opponents.
A Jordanian Paper:
Israeli-Yemeni Cooperation against Terrorism and kidnappings.
Yemen Responsible for any failure of the President-Crown Prince Meeting.
The Black List
The following is a list of individuals and bodies in Yemen who are normalizing relations with the Zionist entity:
– Abdulla Al-Ashtal, Permanent Representative of Yemen at the United Nations.
– Abdul Wahab Al-Hagri, Ambassador of Yemen- Washington D.C.
– Yemenia Airways.
– Hasan Al-Lawzi, Ambassador of Yemen Ð Jordan.
– Hadda Hotel, Sana’a.
– YATA for Travel & Tourism.
– Universal Travel & Tourism (Shahran Hotel).
– Al-Mamoon International Tours.
– Ahmed Al-Haj, AFP Sana’a reporter.
Ali Al-Saqqaf wrote:
If the citizens of Yemen are living under very miserable conditions, Yemeni innovators live under even more miserable conditions.
Government looks at innovators as if they are useless. Innovation itself is considered an undesirable privilege.
Hope that still survives is in some private and civil corporations which cannot be in place of the state, but can, none the less, fulfill some of its unfinished job.
Is it possible to expect these corporations to do something for innovation and innovators away from sale of fake hope and the propaganda uproar?

ATTARIQ (Independent, weekly, 2nd May):
Sweeping Arrests Against the Opposition in Abyan.
A Doctor Kills His Wife Inside Court-room.
AL-JAMAHEER (Ba’ath Party- Pro Syria, weekly, 3rd May):
For Socialist Party:
Ali Nasser and Yassin Noman, Chairman and Secretary General.
Sources close to the leadership of the Socialist Party of Yemen expected that the Damascus meeting held recently and attended by the General Secretary Ali Saleh Obad and members of the leadership residing abroad, the most prominent of whom are Yassin Saeed Noman, Salem Saleh and Haider Al-Attas, has ended with an agreement to elect to ex-president Ali Nasser Mohammed who is heading the Arab Center for Strategic Studies at Damascus as the chairman of he party. The move shall be effected during the party’s 4th General Conference which shall be held by the end of this year.
These sources expected that Yassin Saeed Noman would be elected as General Secretary for the party. Opinions differ regarding whether Ali Salem Al-Bydh shall return to the leadership. Al-Bydh was sentenced by a court.