Press Review [Archives:2000/21/Press Review]

May 22 2000

AL-OSBOA’ (Independent, weekly, 18th May) 
Killings and Sex in Criminal’s Video Cassettes
Al-OSBOA’ reported that a “video cassette was found in the luggage which belongs to the suspect and that it contained recordings of the killing of two of the victims and their sexual abuse. But the prosecution hasn’t seen the contents of the cassette till now”.
AL-OSBOA’ reported that “Sana’a University Council denied receiving any report of the disappearance of any student other than that made by the mother of the Iraqi student Zainab. The Council pointed that only two corpses were found, one of them was that of Zainab.
“The Council said that the Sudanese employee was borrowed from Khartoum University and was appointed as a technician”. However the newspaper quoted sources at the Sudanese Community in Sana’a ” denying that Adam was borrowed from Khartoum University or appointed with the Knowledge of the Sudanese Mission in Yemen.” The sources added: “Adam was granted political asylum in Yemen”