Press Review [Archives:2000/22/Press Review]

May 29 2000

AL-THAWRI (The Yemeni Socialist Party, weekly 25th May)
AL-THAWRI was the only newspaper which ran the following story:
Jihad Groups Resume Training at Abyan.
Sources at Abyan Governorate report that big numbers of members of the Jihad group “The Aden ÐAbyan Islamic Army” have successively arrived during the recent days to their old military post at Hatat. They are reported to have implemented highly planned maneuvers in which hand grenades, bazookas and machine-guns were used.
The sources added that well-known members of the military arrived from Sana’a to participate and train wearing civilian Yemeni or Afghani dresses. Vehicles with military plates were seen at the maneuver’s site.
The “Aden Ð Abyan Islamic Army” group had distributed a leaflet signed by The Youths of Abulhasan Ð a copy has reached AL-THAWRI- in which they undertook to resume their struggle in expression of continued loyalty to their leader who was executed recently at Sana’a.. The leaflet included some of their demands. Some of them are: the authorities should undertake to pay the salaries of those whose status was not fixed, the release of members detained by the special branch police and releasing Sheikh Saleh Al-Utwi who is currently at an Abyan court.
The Socialist Party Renews Call for National Dialogue & Reconciliation.
AL-THAWRI published the statement issued by the YSP Politburo on the occasion of 10th anniversary of the National Day. In its statement the Politburo stressed that celebrating the conclusion of the first decade of unity and democracy requires more than anytime before the awareness of all difficulties and problems that face our country. It also requires that all efforts should unite in order to enforce unity and democracy, and guaranteeing the security, freedom and needs of our people.
Congratulating the people on this occasion, the Politburo reminded them that if it were not for the strong will of patriot leadership which was at that time in both parts of Yemen, and the support of the people and other nationalist parties, unity would not have been achieved.
The statement renewed the call of the Socialist Party to all ruling and opposition political parties and the whole population to be aware of its nationalist responsibility and dangers facing them and to put an end to stubbornness politics.
AL-THAWRI called on its readers, and members and friends of the party to make donations to its account in order to be able to continue its publication.