Press Review [Archives:2000/24/Press Review]

June 12 2000

Ibb University
Students Support Sana’a’s

(Islah Party, weekly 8th June) reported that: ÒFemale students at Ebb University performed a sit-down opposite their university administration in support of their sisters at SanaÕa University. They presented a letter to Dr. Nasser Al-Aulaqi, Chairman of their university, demanding prompt disclosure of all those involved in the Faculty of Medicine crime and their trial, so that they get their lawful punishment.
The students called for reviewing security and education policies in all universities and for the uprooting of open and hidden corruption.
The letter praised all efforts made by political parties, syndicates, unions and students sectors in denouncing what happened at the Faculty of Medicine.
Premeditated Murder Parts of the public owned official media continue to publish unseemly photos of [female] dancers performing songs or late-night programs as a kind of advertisement for some hotels and tourist destinations. The TV channel ran an inferior dance by semi-naked women, a dance that isn’t appropriate for a Muslim country or for the officials running our TV and information services,
Oh brothers! Most fires are the result of small sparks. Do you want to open widely the door for crimes that shall kill both our present and our future?