Press Review [Archives:2000/37/Press Review]

September 11 2000

independent weekly, 5 September 2000.
Al-Balagh published an article titled Human Rights Problematic in Arab Homeland.  The article says talking about a thorny issue as Human Rights in the Arab homeland is a talk about contradictions between the address and reality. This supposition differs not whether concerning the official address or that of organizations concerned with defending human rights in the Arab homeland. The government mentions about gains and reiterates human rights slogans while all violations of human rights perpetrated by its apparatus are coined in legal molds. Arab regimes are not convinced in the so-called human rights.
The thing that the address of civil organizations, defending human rights, to be criticized of is their submission to the western sides funding them. These organizations proceed from a reality completely different from the Arab and adopt the western type as a cornerstone for application. This pursuit does not for sure take into consideration the Arab peculiarity. Therefore this has caused these organizations at variance with active and effective forces in the Arab community.
As a result the work of these organizations has become associated with the campaigns of westernization and western intellectual and cultural invasion.

RAY weekly, organ of Sons of Yemen League Party, 5 September 2000.
The weekly editorial says when the RAY party calls all for a national gathering to its table on which to put an issue of future significance as that of constitutional amendments it is by this calling for placing the bondstone for a democratic experiment. I t is an experiment all the national forces contribute to design determinants of its course and all agree upon. The aim is that this action becomes the most important guarantee leading to a constitution for the country all parties are keen to protect.
The RAY, by its call, is not jump over the reality and its data and does not ask for the impossible to catch. RAY is reputed to have succeeded in grouping various political and intellectual parties in the national committee for local government. The committees works and efforts have achieved the highest success. Would the civil society organizations respond and come back to action at such a historic moment?