Press Review [Archives:2000/46/Press Review]

November 13 2000

Main Headlines:

Main Headlines:

-President Saleh leads High-level Delegation To Doha Islamic Summit
-President Saleh Discusses Cooperation With UNCTAD
-Defense Ministry Source Denys Flights of US Jets Over Yemeni Territories
-More than 191 Containers Arrived in Aden During January-October
-Vice-President Inspects Progress of Fighting RVF
-President Ali Abdullah Saleh Asks Parliament Withdraw Amendment Proposal on Extending Presidency Term, Parliament Refuses
-Massive Demonstrations Coinciding with Islamic Summit
-Prince Sultan: Yemeni-Saudi Coordination Council Meetings Embody Historical Bases of Two Countries Relations
-9TH Islamic Summit Begins in Doha Sunday
-Somali Government Forms Army
-Reports on Decomposed US Wheat in Yemeni Markets
-Washington Grants Yemen US$ 4 Million to Help Pursue Cole Explosion Investigations
-Japan Supports Supplying 7 Hospitals in Yemen
-New Arrests in Dhalie
-Journalists Stage Sit-in Against Government
-Sheikh Al-Ahmar: No Agreement with PGC On Constitutional Amendments

Excerpts from articles and commentaries published in some Yemeni newspapers this week.

6 September weekly,
organ of YAF November 9, 2000
The weeklys editorial is devoted to discussing the current Islamic summit held in Doha, Qatar. The editorial says leaders of the Islamic nations have to adopt a courageous decision in the light of the hostile practices by the Zionist entity and its refusal of the peace process. They should decide to stop all forms of normalization or establish any forms of relation and dealing with the Zionist entity. They have to decide the expulsion of Israeli ambassadors and closure of Israeli trade offices from Islamic capitals.
There are many tasks facing the Islamic summit that it must face with full sense of responsibility by coming out with decisive resolutions exceeding statements of denunciation and condemnation. Proceeding from the historic tasks before the summit, the challenge is to come out with consolidation of Islamic solidarity and cooperation and coordination between Islamic states in political, economic, cultural, scientific and social fields. Yemen shoulders the pan-Arab and Islamic responsibility and will play a distinguished role during the summit and cooperates with Islamic countries to adopt decisive and courageous resolutions in compatible with the goals the Organization of Islamic Conference has set up for itself.

 Al Wahdawi weekly,
organ of NPU Organization, November 7, 2000
  On the proposed constitutional amendments, the weekly editorial says despite our realization of the existence of many cases violating or freezing some articles of the constitution, but that does not justify effecting amendments whenever a person or a group desires it. The editorial expresses the hope that proposals of amendments are to be withdrawn in expression of support of democracy and in respect of the people who quite understand that the actual aim behind amendments is not related to the people and their life. Even if this concept is wrong, the editorial maintains, backing off from amendments proposal would be a proof that they are not aimed at achieving a subjective interest.

As-Sahwa weekly, November 9, 2000
In an article on the Islamic conference the weekly says that in our battle with the Zionist enemy there are many and various effective weapons we are in possession. As Arabs and Moslems we have many weapons with which to face our enemies but we have discarded them at a time the military confrontation is no longer the only way of war. Political solidarity, economic cooperation and media coordination are few examples of effective weapons we scarcely use. The Arab and Islamic huge funds deposited in Europe and America can be a pressuring weapon if we merely wave of transferring part of them to countries that are less hostile. Arms deals we strike could be a means of pressure for which we can demand stands in favor of our interests. Trade exchange can also be a lethal and effective weapon the Arabs and Moslems can benefit from using it. Even the US elections could be used as a means for re-drawing the American politics versus the issues of Arabs and Moslems. The Jews blackmail the American people and make them guardian for their interests and obedient servant of their arrogance. We have till now not used our very many peaceful weapons.

Nov. 6, 2000
In an article the weekly strongly criticized the decision taken by the US congress on October 28 concerning the events and massacres in occupied Palestine, describing it as unprecedented. 390 congressmen have held the Palestinians the full responsibility for the massacres they have been exposed to at the hands of the Israeli soldiers. Many observers have criticized the resolution and described it as biased and iniquitous and was aimed at appeasing the Jewish lobby.
The article affirms that the US congressmen held the Palestinians responsible because they have stayed in their country for if they had left it they would not have faced such a destiny. The second thing is that in consequence the Palestinians have themselves killed themselves and demolished their houses and farms.
The article concludes that the congress was in fact not biased to Israel because basically it is inside the Israeli circle.

Al-Jamaheer weekly of the ABS Party (Syrian Faction), November 8, 2000

In a political analysis on the Palestinian intifada the weekly says the intifada has come ahead of the extraordinary Arab summit but the latter could not catch up with the intifada and its resolutions came less that the minimum extent required. The intifada has emerged as a deep-rooted popular reaction that does not possess a weapon but depends on high courage and accurate understanding of the occupation mentality and way of thinking. It is not an official act governed by orders from above but a peoples movement expressing a people whose rights are usurped but their will is not. And that is the secret behind the intifadas strength and continuation.
The great support from the American administration for Baraks government while it goes further and further in its crimes against the Palestinians arouses the world surprise. It puts America at the same footing with the Zionist entity and considers it as a partner in the responsibility for aggravation of the situation in the Middle East. Because of the Zionist provocation and atrocities he region is being on a barrel of powder ready to explode in all directions.