Press Review [Archives:2001/06/Press Review]

February 5 2001

1 February 2001, mouthpiece of the PGC, Weekly   YSP and Islah coordinate for Elections
YSP members: Islah is trying to bamboozle us
Information coming from electoral centers in governorates all over the country, that part of preparations for the elections, the YSP and Islah parties have started coordinating among themselves. Electoral centers in Hadhramout, Shabwa, Taiz, and Abyan governorates that the coordination include preparing common lists for candidates for local council elections for both parties. Some reports confirm that meetings have been held in unofficial areas to mobilize a coordinated common media and promotion plan, that would concentrate on criticizing the governments policies during the last period and marginalizing the developmental projects, which citizens benefited from, plus holding the PGC responsible for any negativity in the current situation. Despite all that, some speculations predict that some YSP members believe that this may be a trap by the Islah because of the creed differences between the two that cannot be ignored.