Press Review [Archives:2001/12/Press Review]

March 19 2001

Ath-Thawra daily
17 March 2001.
Titled ”A New Arab Accomplishment” the daily devoted its editorial to the settlement of the border dispute between Qatar and Bahrain both of which have accepted the verdict adopted by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) this week.
The editorial says that by the immediate announcement of both Qatar’s and Bahrain’s Emirs their welcome of the ICJ’s verdict regarding the border dispute the two countries are putting the final end to more than six decades of conflict that has been exhausting the two countries’ material and human energies. The solution should not be looked at through criteria and calculations of gain and loss or to distinguish its parties between victor and vanquished.
The solution does really represent an accomplishment for all, not only the two directly concerned countries. Its good consequences and valuable benefits include the entire Arab nation and her countries, taking into consideration that solidarity and cooperation are among the main aspects damaged due to the dispute and conflict between Qatar and Bahrain and the same can be applied to similar problems that may arise between any other two Arab countries.
The republic of Yemen has the right to be satisfied and happy for this achievement as it is compatible with the peaceful approach that Yemen commits to and follows in dealing with border problems with sisterly countries. No doubt the settlement of border dispute forms a marvelous gift both Qatar and Bahrain present to the coming Arab summit scheduled to begin in Amman in a few days.