Press Review [Archives:2001/14/Press Review]

April 2 2001

RAY weekly, organ of Sons of Yemen League Party, 27 March 2001.
RAY editorial is devoted to the activities of Yemen’s policy of rapprochement it has recently been pursuing towards the Gulf region countries. The last month activities in this direction indicate that the Yemeni authority has conducted a sincere study, and that there is a strong desire for exerting all efforts in favor of the homeland’s higher interest.
The most convenient circumstances in this regard is that the brethren in the Gulf States are now fully prepared to turn over the past chapters and start towards future horizons with mechanisms for realizing the interests of the entire region.
On the other hand, there are some elements and parties trying to corrupt this Yemeni-Gulf rapprochement approach through media statements devoid of any sense of responsibility. These sides have now to understand that swimming against the current arouses ridicule and discloses their responsibility for the past guilt’s in this respect.