Press Review [Archives:2001/19/Press Review]

May 7 2001

Al-Balagh weekly, May 1, 2001.
The weekly’s chief editor wrote an article on the new government and its program. He said that the government program was expected to be approved by the parliament, saying that it is thought that the program would be assailed by some opposition parties.    The writer says that the two year period of time is not enough for anybody to be able to offer tangible results felt by the citizens. He also expresses his hope that Bajammal’s government would rather concentrate on building the essential foundation for science, that is, providing the infrastructures for any plan or program. This is the correct basis for any program meant to be successful, the writer says.
The article maintains that more optimism would lead to hope that the government would work for founding proper and sound bases for the relationship between the central government and the local councils in the governorates. It should also work for creating a mechanism to be implemented inside the ministries and institutions in a way undermining the seminaries of corruption and management failure.