Press Review [Archives:2001/22/Press Review]

May 28 2001

Festivities marking the 11th anniversary of Yemeni’s re-unification which is at the same time the National Day of the Republic of Yemen dominated press coverage and the main news stories of this week’s local newspapers.. Almost all newspapers have published special issues on the occasion. Front pages of all newspapers contained extensive coverage of reception ceremony and meetings between the Yemeni side, chaired by president Ali Abdulla Saleh and the Saudi side led by visiting crown prince Abdulla Bin Abdulaziz who headed the Saudi’s largest ever high- level delegation to share with the people of Yemen their festivities. In addition, there have been many news reports, both local and regional, given prominence on the newspapers’ front pages.
Main Headlines:
-President Saleh Returns to Sana’a After Taking Part in National Day Festivities in Aden
-King Abdullah II Of Jordan Visits Yemen
-Yemeni-Moroccan Ministerial Commission Begins Meetings in Sana’a
-Prime Minister Receives Delegation of Kuwaiti Company for Petroleum Explorations
-The President Discloses Corruption Within Security Apparatus
-Shoura Council Defines Steps for Solving Vengeance Problem
-Owner of Dynamite Storehouse in Baydha Arrested
-Tribal Clashes in Qaflah Ather
-A Step on Restricting Independent Press Freedom
-Number of Kidnapped from Sanhan, Khawlan, Hamadan Rises to 9
-Narcotics Seized from an Ethiopian Migrant
-Gunmen Attack Al-Wahdawi Weekly Newspaper
-A Recent Study On Yemen: 50 Births Each Hour
-65% OF Yemeni Families at Poverty Level
Local newspaper have this week devoted most of their editorials and articles to the great national occasion masking the 11th anniversary of declaring Yemen’s re-unification on 22 May 1990. Here are excepts from articles published by the local newspapers on the great event.
26 September weekly, organ of Yemen Armed Forces, May 24, 2001.
The weekly editorial spotlighted the historic relationship between Yemen and Saudi Arabia, putting emphasis on the visit to Yemen by the Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz leading a large high-level delegation to take part in Yemen’s festivities on its unity.
The editorial confirms the unique and distinguished relationship of both Yemeni and Saudi peoples.
It says the historical and psychological inter-blending and the one social and psychological structure has given uniqueness to both peoples relationship and always prepares solid ground to proceed forward under suitable climates.
The editorial maintains that in spite of state of tide and ebb in those relations at various historical stages, including complications of border dossier, the general feeling of the Arab peninsula sons has always been rapprochement, unity of affiliation. The will of the two political leaderships, represented by president Ali Abdullah Saleh and king Fahd Bin Abdulazia and his Crown Prince Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz, allowed the historic Jedda Treaty to be achieved.
Despite the many outstanding indications of the Saudi Crown Prince’s recent visit to Yemen has carried, it has also clarified the nature of future relations awaiting the two countries within the framework (neighborhood and partnership ) and an example to be followed.
Sahwa weekly, May 24, 2001.
The weekly editorial said the unity, that dear accomplishment, remains an achievement that has crowned all efforts of the patriotic movement through its history. As Yemenis, the unity has restored to us the hope that defeat is not a foreordained thing if the political will has sought decision from ambitions of the masses who are filled with joy at seeing the flag of united Yemen fluttering high in the sky.
The editorial confirms that at the 4th anniversary of re-unification all should comprehend that encircling calls and would only the consequence of certain factors.
These are embodied by spreading justice, fighting equality within society and building government institutions on national foundations.
The task of building the unity homeland requires an aware dealing with objective circumstances to achieve that, the editorial said further. Clarifying the unity arouses in us feelings of yearning for upgrading the cultural and social development. All those on the opposition side are demanded to surpass the state of frustration resolution from practices by some of those in authority centers.
They have also to acknowledge that the country is experiencing a state of positive interactions impregnable to the corruption increasingly present in our public life. this situation stresses that it is necessary to be biased to the hope in a better future for the country and the people.
Al-Mithaq weekly, organ of the GPC party, May 23-2001
The newspaper’s editorial says that the tasks defined by president Ali Abdullah Saleh in his speech at the unity 11th anniversary should be translated from their theoretical form into practice. It says such translation could be realized through two major channels, namely, general reform and construction, parallel to it.
The editorial affirms that encouraging investment aimed at attracting capital investment in projects entails creation of job opportunities curbing or easing unemployment and poverty. All this depends on effecting radical reforms serving social security and peace. These are significant conditions on which rules of a solid economy and development are to be founded. They constitute and inlet into tackling social issues according to criteria abolishing for good the phenomena of nepotism and others employed for serving personal interests and used in violation of texts and contents of valid laws.
Al-Ihya’a Al-Arabi weekly, organ of the Arab Baath socialist party, May 24-2001.
The weekly’s editorial says declaration of unity on May 22-1990, Yemen’s unity became a historical fact rallying behind it all the Araab people and their unionist forces. Yemen’s unity has horrified enemies of Yemen’s people and thus they started looking for opportunities by which they could undermine this historic achievement.
The event that preceded and followed the secessionist movement, proved that the people of Yemen are deserving the unitary accomplishment and are capable of preserving and defending it.
While living the joys of the 11th anniversary of the unity it should be affirmed that preserving it necessitates extraordinary efforts and sacrifices. It is also required to fight secessionist and regional calls.
Yemen does in fact constitutes a strategic extension for the pan-Arab liberationist and unitary struggle.
Ath-Thawir weekly, organ of YSP, May 24-2001.
On the occasion of observing the 11th anniversary of Yemen’s unity on May 22-1990, Ath-Thawri weekly published a statement of Yemeni socialist party. The statement says that it is inevitable to emphasize that the only guarantee of consolidating the unity of Yemen and restoring its peaceful and democratic spirit, in addition to rescue the country from it s political, economic, social and cultural deteriorating conditions, is contingent upon realization comprehensive national reconciliation . It is a reconciliation aimed at rectifying the Yemeni unity course through treating the political, social and economic damage resulted from the 1994 summer war. The YSP statement says while celebrating the 11th anniversary of achieving of Yemen unity, the party calls upon all its members and supporters, along with the Yemeni people, to defend it against any potential attack and to struggle for restoring and enhancing its democratic peaceful content.
Al-Wahdawi weekly organ of Nasserite Unionist people’s Organization May 22-2001.
The newspaper’s editorial says declaration of Yemen’s re-unification on May 22-1990 will continue to be considered by the Yemenis as a symbol of cohesion and construction. They would feel proud of it as being considered a pursuit all Arab peoples need to mobilize their forced and build entity that would be realized only banding together and cohesion.
While the Yemenis are celebration these days the anniversary of their unity, our Palestinian brethren are coming under the worst kind of killing and atrocities at the hands of the Zionist entity which is in possession of the largest military arsenal.
The Zionist entity is going too far in its aggression because of western backing and the Arabs’ silence.
What has deepened the pain is the weakness shown by Arab governments and their running away from facing the duty their responsibility dictated on them.
RAY weekly organ of sons of Yemen league party, may 22-2001.
The newspaper’s editorial says while the Yemenis are celebrating their national say they are stepping into the 12th year of unity with a rich asset of obligations demanded to realize the wanted objectives. The editorial further says that the Yemeni people have the right to be proud of their achievements. they are the unity, a democratic experiment possessing many components of development and a foreign policy that could rectify all past defaults and build pillars of new tracks of relations towards production of a state of security and stability in the entire region.
As for the required obligations, the editorial gives the major priority of an initiative of carrying out a comprehensive reform based on political reform.
This reform is for finding a fertile environment with a solid ground providing consolidation and continuity of the Yemeni unity and factors of the developmental leap.   ATTARIQ weekly, May 22-2001.
In its editorial the newspaper says the 22nd of May would not have been realized without the sacrifices and powerful political will. While celebrating this great day, the people are looking forward with the hope of achieving their happiness, prosperity and they want justice, security, stability, law and order. 
A society where democracy and protection of human freedom and rights are enhanced. These ambitions and expectation are contained in the program of the new government which we hope will be the first of its priorities.