Press Review [Archives:2001/41/Press Review]

October 8 2001

Al-Wahda weekly, 3 October 2001
Columnist Mohammed Al-Zubaidi discusses in his article the meaning of terrorism and its kinds. He argues that any action causing the death of a group of people is painful, immoral and terrorist. Building on this assumption he says therefore what befell the American people on Sept. 11 deserves to be mourned.
We have said before that the CIA and the American embassies have failed to give advice to their administration on reality of the U.S. image in the eyes of others in order that the latter would effect changes in its abhorred policies at the world level, not only at Arab and Islamic levels.
Even after the catastrophe in New York and Washington the U.S. political address continued to be more hard-line and tending towards being more horrifying. It seems that the media fanfare devoted to possible reaction has made the international community, especially the Arab and Islamic community forget about the kind of the American political address that has clearly unveiled the hidden stances of racism and crusade spirit, and that whoever is ” not with us is necessarily with terrorism.” There are many forms of military, security, economic, food, information and political terrorism and what America has been exposed to is only one of the forms of terrorism.
Al-Mithaq weekly, organ of the General People’s Congress party, 1 Oct. 2001
The newspaper’s editorial has this week been devoted to discuss the by-elections of local councils scheduled to be held on 14 of this month. It is counted on that these elections would be held in democratic atmospheres providing the citizens with an opportunity of choosing those whom they see as qualified and efficient for carrying out great tasks.
The truth is that the GPC has always proved its deep faith in the democratic experiment and worked for it for a long time. The party wages on masses of the Yemeni people’s trust who have found in it their expectations as achieved and ambitions embodied into reality derived from its bright changes based on national constants.
RAY weekly, organ of Sons of Yemen League party 2 Oct. 2001
The newspaper’s editorial says that the world is heading with fearful rates towards a vertigo it has not experienced before in terms of horror and full violation of human and civilized values that took centuries to build. The editorial pointed out that the beginning of that violation was when certain planes crashed into buildings in New York and Washington and claimed the lives of thousands of innocent people. The second violation is that when many have lost the language of science and logic when then pointed their fingers of accusation to the Arabs and Muslims which consequently has changed the life of hundreds of thousands into a hell because of the practices that breached all values and norms. The serial of violation of human values continues when the become of a country people become dispersed in mountains and caves or as humiliated refugees.
The matter has not stopped at that but all freedoms have no longer as they are. Everything is now censored and monitored. Nowadays the ghost of death is looming over an unlimited number of areas in the world threatened to be fields of unknown wars and all probabilities are open.
Al-Jamaheer weekly, organ of the Arab Baath Socialist party, Syrian organization, Sept. 30 2001
The newspaper’s editor in chief has devoted his article to dealing with the first anniversary of the beginning of the Palestinian uprising. He says that the experiment of one year of struggle has disclosed failure of all attempts aimed at peace under the Zionist entity’s stubbornness and clinging to its expansionist schemings and choosing the option of violence and terror as a policy for bringing the Palestinian people to their knees.
The Palestinian masses are convinced of the failure of this slogan and the increase of their sticking to their national options represented by daily strife with all means to restore their usurped rights and form their independent national government. There is also the clarity of the national target and comprehension of the reality of the Zionist-Palestinian conflict. This has created the unity on the ground for the national action. Added to those is the great faith reflected in the operations of martyrdom that have given struggle its meaning and continuation.
Al-Wahdawi weekly, organ of the Nasserite Popular Unionist Organization, 2 Oct. 2001
Mr Mohammed Ahmed Al-Ar’ami has written an article saying it is shameful and humiliating for the Arab and Islamic nation that her rulers compete to declare their compliance with and acceptance of the American call to take part in an alliance aimed at waging a war on ” terrorism”. This call has come after the attacks on the American economic and military strongholds on 11 September. The attacks represented a catastrophe claimed lives of numerous innocent people and they embodied a criminal act condemned religiously and humanly, given the fact that targeting the innocent is an act of terror whether it has been in America, Iraq, Palestine, or Lebanon or Afghanistan.
We have previously demanded from American governments and of the West to confront terrorism burning with its fire Lebanon, Palestine, Sudan, Somalia and Afghanistan, but they have not responded to that call because those governments themselves were behind that terrorism. Only when terror has taken place in their very own place on September 11 that speedily rushed to call the whole world to combat it.
The article continues to mention that it is regrettable that accusation of terror is directed to Arab and Islamic countries in particular without mentioning Israel that continues killing children and the defenseless in Palestine using U.S.-made warplanes and rockets. Excessiveness of American declarations reaches the extent of considering it a crusade war, as it has been announced by president Bush in person immediately after the attacks. What is more astonishing is that America declares a war against Afghanistan under pretext that Osama bin Laden, accused as responsible for the attacks, is in it. This is a measure contradicting the International Law and legitimacy especially that America does not possess any evidence against him, a behavior which is considered terrorism. America has found in the attacks a cover for implementing its attack on Afghanistan to topple the government of Taliban and install a government more loyal and subservient to it there.
Al-Ihya’a Al-Arabi weekly, organ of the Arab Baath Socialist Party, Iraqi organization, 2 Oct. 2001
Dr Bilqis al- Hadhrani has said in the newspaper’s editorial that occupation forces along with American imperialism and Zionism are betting on the use of violence and extreme brutality as a means and approach enabling them to impose the fait accompli and tame the Palestinians who are still standing up to tanks, artillery and warplanes of the Zionists with bare chests but full of faith and will and confidence in their sacred right.
The stupid betting on violence and arrogance against the defenseless sons of Palestine would not succeed in aborting the uprising that has entered its 2nd year and received this anniversary with more martyrs and courageous resistance.This confirms that the Zionist usurpists have not learnt from the previous lessons the sons of Palestine have been teaching them since the Al-Qassam revolution in 1936 up till now.
Al-Ayyam newspaper, 3 October 2001
Columnist Fareed Barakat says in his article undoubtedly the tragic events that took place on 11 September represent a crime in terms of all legal, human and ethical criteria as they have caused thousands of innocent casualties of various nationalities and different ages.
The author maintains that a crime is legally individual not collective and does not condemn anyone but its perpetrator and the terrorist organization he is affiliate of not the country to which he belongs. America in this case has to understand the causes and actual motives hat help origination and spread of the phenomenon of terrorism in the world.
Americ has to call for an international conference discussing the causes, solutions and results that can eradicate the phenomenon of terrorism from its roots and dry up its resources for good. We are with America in its ordeal and call for having just punishment against those who committed those acts of terror. And here at this crucial point there must be a sovereignty of reason and reconsideration by the world’s sages and reasonable people of all internal and external policies of big powers in order to secure peaceful and harmonious life in the world for all humanity.
ATTARIQ weekly, 2 Oct. 2001 
Mr Khalid Ali Taiman has said in an article that Arab information media seem to suffer from confusion in confronting the feverish media campaign launched for the purpose of linking the phenomenon of terrorism and violence to Arabs, but it is only due to absence of an Arab information strategy that formulates a homogeneous information address revealing facts and influencing the world public opinion.
Arab information mechanism should have been reformulated in that of its orientations and changing its most of its non-positive stances towards Arab issues. That could be attained through a joint Arab information strategy of common vision to be worked out in a studied and programmed way. For it is hard for Arab information to be able to tackle Arab issues of destiny and clarify dimensions of Arab-Israeli conflict with being equipped with an integrated Arab information strategy leading to formulation of harmonious information address towards Western public opinion.
Al-Balagh weekly, 0ct. 2, 2001 
The newspaper’s editorial stresses that it has become evident that the United States is bent on launching a war on all forms of Islam and would accept but the version of Islam that it has defined its features and laws. It is also clear that America wants to utilize the events of New York and Washington to impose its domination over the entire world and re-draw the international and political map in addition to overthrowing some leaderships.
Arab and Islamic leaderships have therefore to be cautious in dealing with America during this crucial stage. Arab and Islamic leadership must realize that they are targeted in the first place and Arab and Islamic peoples are the targets of the American Zionist aggression.