Press Review [Archives:2001/45/Press Review]

November 5 2001

Al-Wahdawi weekly, organ of the Nasserite People’s Unionist Organization, 30 Oct. 2001
Mr Abduraqib Fatih says in an article that all world nations, of all religions, have condemned the events of 11 September in the USA and offered condolences for the innocent who were killed in them. Those nations have also called upon the U.S. leaders and the people to behave reasonably and in accordance with values of civilization and modern age. Leaders of the U.S. have instead of that began unleashing accusations, lacking concrete evidence, against the Arabs and Muslims. They have also acquitted some and accused others without even offering evidences. Thus an entire nation has become accused and scores with her should be settled. Arab and Muslim rulers, according to this situation, are demanded to present statements on their citizens in line with the American form delivered to them.
The writer maintains that observers of behavior of the U.S. rulers following the event of 11 September would reach a conclusion which is that the most powerful state in the world has changed into a developing country. They have appointed an interior minister, passed laws allowing interference in personal freedoms, tapping telephone conversations, froze individuals’ financial assets in addition to the military massing up to deal blows to individuals and groups merely for their religious affiliation, etc. All these aspects of behavior confirm that change of a state claiming to be master and leader of the world.
Al-Jamaheer weekly, organ of the Arab Baath Socialist party (Syrian organization) 28 Oct. 2001
Mr Abdulraqib al- Ama’aqi wonders in an article who the real terrorist is. He says that the West, led by America, is launching a pitched campaign against the Arabs and Islam in general, accusing them with terror both regionally and locally. He elaborates saying that America itself has trained Osama bin Laden for fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan and America itself is now accusing him as a dangerous terrorist that should be rid of at any price. That means that the role assigned by America for him has come to an end. America has also accused Iraq as being a threat against world peace and as falsely it claims that Iraq’s threat should be curbed. It has launched all its lethal weapons to destroy its economic infrastructure and the subsequent destruction of its civil installations, such as hospitals, bridges, power stations, water purification plants and child food industries.
America alone has used its pressure on the UN to impose economic blockade on Iraq since 1990 and that led to the death of more than three million civilians, including more than a million children and the tragedy is still going on. America has also allotted $ 100 in its attempts to topple the Iraqi government.
All these measures are a violation of the simplest rules of international laws that stipulate non-permission of interference in other countries’ internal affairs. America has moreover funded tens of military coups in Latin America, Asia and Africa and their bloody consequences. It is the main supporter for Israel for occupation of Palestine and killing Palestinians with the most lethal weapons. At present it is waging it war of terror on the defenseless Afghans, killing the innocent and children and claims that it wants to fight terror, whereas it is the very terror.
Annas weekly, 29 Oct. 2001

Dr Haasan Al-Jawsha’ie says it is clear that the way America has been following in its fight on terror, is the completely the wrong one. The annihilation war against the sick and hungry Afghan people flaring up since 7 October looks as if stemming from a severe rancor. It looks as a retaliatory war against Islam and Muslims under pretext of combating terrorism. A simple calculation shows that very few soldiers from Taliban were already killed in this war. The fact on the other hand reveals that more than a thousand of Afghan civilians have so far been killed. Will millions of Afghan Muslims be exterminated in the process of trying to capture bin Laden?
The present American policy in this regard is unjustifiable. It is an unbelievable to destroy an entire Muslim people just because of the events in New York and Washington though there is not so far any evidence on bin Laden’s involvement in these attacks. This policy would generate more terrorist movements and organizations. Violence would only breed violence and America’s violence against Afghanistan would engender more terror against the American people. The situation would be worse if America insisted on pursuing this devastating policy. It would be worse not for America alone but rather for the whole world.
Al-Mithaq weekly. organ of the People’s General Congress party, 29 Oct. 2001
Dr Abdulaziz al-Maqalih says in his article that it has been obvious since the beginning of the American-Afghan war that the Zionist entity would not miss the available opportunity to use it (for implementing its goals and atrocities against the Palestinian people.)
The American administration was heedful of what might happen in occupied Palestine therefore it mildly pronounced a number of floating statements. Some of them calling the attention of the enemy rather than warning it.
The Zionist entity has exploited the ongoing war in Afghanistan through embarking on assassinating Palestinian leaders and hunting down what it describes as activists. The undeclared war reached its apex by re-occupying the Palestinian cities, besieging some of them, demolishing people’s houses and killing innocent people.
The American administration seems to unconcerned with what is happening in Palestine not because of its preoccupation in a war of power demonstration in Afghanistan but rather it knows well that the Arab and Islamic public opinion is convinced that the U.S. attitude towards events in Palestine is characterized by motivating the Zionist entity’s acts rather than warning it, and a call for taking advantage of these circumstances.
Saut-Ashoura weekly, organ of Yemeni People’s Forces Union, 28 Oct. 2001
Columnist Mohammed Saleh A-Hadhiri says the poor of Afghanistan are coming under shelling with the most sophisticated weapons at the hand of the U.S. under the international community nose that is dissembling Washington. The world is currently leading circumstances confirming absence of humanitarian leadership of the kind the world was enjoying during the nineties of the last century. Leaderships were representing the centrist current calling for peace and the establishment of the new economic world order. Now there is also a recession in the humanitarian activity as a whole, proving that poverty has become spiritual in addition to its being material.
The writer says ” I am against all forms of terrorism and against dictatorship which is a trait of the ruling systems of the countries damaged militarily due to their contradictions with the new international arrangements.” The American military strike at Afghanistan has exceeded all logical justifications as it targets the civilians and destroy dignity of a people where there is no more any indication of human dignity in their life. All social and cultural peculiarity of this country is obliged to migrate towards refuge with bitterness no less than that stemming from their stay that threatens the Afghan man’s right to live.   ATTARIQ weekly, 30 Oct. 2001   Columnist Khalid Ali Tuaiman says in an article that unipolar system in the world of today is no longer reliant on realistic bases. The concept of power of this international party or that is no longer confined to the military force but includes other elements of power, mainly the economic, technological and extent of availability and possession of information network.
The supposition that the present international stage depends on a unipole represented by the United States could be considered a colonialist stage conflicting with the idea of the new world order which has begun to be crystallized in the wake of the end of the cold war at the en of the eighties of the last century.
RAY weekly, organ of Sons of Yemen League party, 30 Oct. 2001
Mr Abdulwasie Al-Nakhlani discusses in his article what is going on in two hot regions in the world generating great problems threatening and undermining peace and stability of the world. The theme and essence of the crisis is terrorism. The first image is that of what is happening in Palestine and the second image is depicting the events in Afghanistan. Regarding the first image the writer says that the Israeli war criminal Ariel Sharon and his Zionist government are practicing the killing annihilation of the Palestinian people in a way the least description of it is that of a terrorist act. The writer maintains that America is presently leading a ferocious war under the pretext of fighting terror. It refuses that terror undermines peace and security of the international community and embarks on doing all that for the sake of freedom and protection of peoples’ dignity against terror.
All this diversified terror causing concern for the American and the world is confined to Afghanistan for ”harbouring” Al-Qaeda organization and its leader Osama bin Laden. American mirror thus reflects terror and there is emphasis on e Middle East . One wonders why America does not see terror but with the Arabs and Muslims? Why does America turn a blind eye on the most savage occupation and terrorism perpetrated by Zionism against the Arabs in Palestine.
As-Sahwa weekly, 1 Nov. 2001

Abdul Malik Ash-Shaibani says in an article published in this week’s edition of the newspaper that Afghanistan is a graveyard for invaders, starting from Al-Iskandar al-Maqdoni through Britain and Russia, would it be true that the same fate to be faced by America today?
The author maintains that he fears that the U.S. would destroy the Afghan people ”mistakenly” because of the many mistakes it is committing everyday in its iniquitous war against the Afghan people, let alone those that it does not admit. It is a unilateral war because there is nothing in Afghanistan that deserves to be pounded by American raiding warplanes. If the United States and Britain have declared that they would fight terrorism, so far more than 26 days have elapsed and the two countries are killing the Afghan people who have nothing to do with 11 September attacks in America, the events denounced by all religions, mainly Islam.
Ath-Thawri weekly, organ of YSP, 1 Nov. 2001

In its editorial the newspaper says that while air raids and missile shelling continue in Afghanistan under the slogan of uprooting terrorism, there other no less ferocious confrontations going on at more than one front between parties different in formation and interests. These confrontations focus on defining terror that implies destruction, killing of the innocent and destabilization of international stability and the right of peoples to follow all legitimate ways and means for resisting occupation.
This confusion which is being marketed nowadays by some countries would weaken the international and human coalition against what has become described today as terrorism. Such ambiguity could be used as a pretext for violating human rights and freedoms of people.