Press Review [Archives:2001/50/Press Review]

December 10 2001

Al- Mithaq weekly, organ of the Peoples General; Congress party, 10 Dec. 2001
Dr Abdulaziz al-Maqalih has written an article saying despite what has been said about the war of justice and freedom in Afghanistan, a great part of that wars goals have been mean for covering the daily crimes committed by the Zionist entity against the Palestinians in an attempt to liquidate the Arabs central cause. A plan has been set for comprehensive and quick riddance of the Palestinian active leaders and an evil endeavor to associate the fight on terror in Afghanistan with what is happening in Palestine. The Zionist premier Sharon wants to delude the world public opinion that the battle is the same and that the American weapons destroying the cities and villages in Central Asia are doing the same task in the Middle East.
The Zionist entity has been able in the latest period to kill the largest number it could of Palestinian strugglers and to inflict real harm on Palestinian National Organizations. It has also managed to destroy large number of houses and civilian installations and to extend its direct influence to areas it had not ever reached before.
Nowadays the majority of the Arabs and Muslims are focusing their attention on Afghanistan amidst statements and false promises by the White House and European capitals that the solution has become very near and the long-awaited Palestinian state is on its way. The Palestinians have been living on these promises for more than half a century and the recent years have seen the highest level of these promises but soon began to fade and the situation returned to the zero zone. The whole situation, as the writer describes it as, postponed promises and immediate assassinations.
Al-Wahdawi weekly, organ of the Nasserite Peoples Unionist Organization, 4 Dec. 2001
The newspapers editorial is devoted to discuss and analyze the latest large-scale Israeli attacks, saying they are not a surprise and nothing is new about them. They are just a new escalation of a ferocious aggression aimed against the land and man the Zionists are perpetrating for decades.
During the various stages of the Zionist aggression the Palestinians experienced all sorts of carnage and expulsions and oppression at the hands of the Zionists, the terror lords.
The Palestinian defenseless people have been the victim of this savagery attack and bore alone the burden of the Zionists brutality. When they realized that they would not be able to encounter their enemys huge military capabilities they found themselves forced to resort to sacrificing their lives as a strategic alternative dictated by the necessities of resistance to the occupation. The United States is the only side that failed in this test. As it has begun marketing the idea that it has comprehended the Palestinian problem especially after it was available for it to be told that he disasters befalling it were ascribed for its biased stand towards the Zionist aggressors against those whose rights are usurped. But it did not take long before it has divulged its non-seriousness in understanding its mistakes and soon disclosed non-sincerity of its leaders statements.
The Americans are now following the same policy that led to create enemies for them everywhere and we think that they pushing people towards a dangerous destination threatening life and civilization of humanity.
Annas weekly, 2 Dec. 2001
Columnist Sadeq Nasher discusses in his article the stance of Yemeni opposition parties with regard to Yemeni National questions saying we do not want the opposition forces announce their solidarity with the president or the prime minister, but solidarity with Yemen.
If this country is to be exposed to any harm, the enemies would not choose only the ruling party and leave the opposition. Also, if the country comes under any external attack no region would be excluded but would rather be a comprehensive one, aiming the entire Yemen. The opposition has the right to take an opposing stand towards the governments policies, but there are certain limitations and boundaries for this opposition which must develop the political action and performance of its role in them instead of seizing opportunities to embarrass the government. We do not any longer know if there were a real opposition or merely an act of grouping parties in the form of new blocs having contradictory views and aims and each party ready to discard the other at the nearest turning-point in case it gained from the authority what it aspired for.
The oppositions weak stand and the one always against the ruling party in right and wrong may push this party to follow other ways to protect itself and consequently the regime it is representing, even if that matter leads to holding alliance with any other side.
Saut As-Shoura weekly, organ of Yemeni Peoples Forces Union, 2 Dec. 2001
Abdulrahman Saif Ismael writes an article on local councils in Yemen saying since their establishment an early 1985 the activity of local councils was always associated with development. As a result of the variables that ensued the establishment of Yemen republic, and the acute political conflicts and differences associated it, led to a halt in the development activity of the local councils. Local councils subject was from thence submitted as being linked to talking about decentralization of administration and finance.
After the unity the need emerged for local councils of a new style commensurate with nature of the new stage. Although the function of the local councils has changed completely, peoples view towards them has not been altered. At the same time understanding of the councils elected members of their role and activity has not changed either. They all still believe that the function of local councils was still confined to issues of local development issues, building schools and health centers, offering social services and building roads, etc. That is why these councils plans have not gone farther that idea and plans and budgets are no different than they were at the previous stage. Developmental characteristic is thus still there and it is part of the general awareness towards these councils and their role in construction and change.
Al-Ayyam daily, Dec. 6, 2001. 
Mr Abdullah al-Asnaj has written an article commenting on President Ali Abdulla Salehs recent visit to Washington. He says information on results of the visit has been contradictory, describing the Yemeni side as intentionally exaggerating them in its official mass media. Earlier, Washington and Sanaa had announced simultaneously that security cooperation file against terror was topping the Bush-Saleh talks agenda.
In this context, observers following up the visit have noticed a relative contradiction in statements issued by the American side compared to what the Yemeni official media have announced. While the American side has praised the change in the Yemeni attitude towards the question of terror and serious cooperation regarding investigation into the incident of Cole explosion, the Yemeni side has not shown interest in this aspect and furthermore announced that a draft agreement of security cooperation has not been signed with America hinting the existence of certain difference about some of its points. Against this contrast , the reality of the situation is hidden behind. The Yemeni people are used to listen from their rulers something and tangibly witness practices quite different.
As a matter of fact, though the two American and Yemeni parties have agreed on postponing the signing ceremony of the security agreement till they agree upon its addenda, implementation of its most important articles is given enough understanding and attention.
Al-Umma weekly, 6 Dec. 2001
Muslim leader Mohammed Mohammed Al-Mutaa has said in an article that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken an honorable stand against the American arrogance and its leaders proved they are at the level of responsibility and they are too strong to be kneeled. We hope that other rulers follow their suit so that America would understand that the Arab will has not died yet. 
Due to its arrogance, America has ignored the fact that Saudi Arabia embraces the sanctities of Muslims and that its rulers are protectors of these sanctities and all Muslims do side with the Kingdom, the religious leader has added.
Our Arab and Islamic nation is in dire need of those who would inform her on the right course as mistakes have become many. The current tyrannical wars and destruction befalling our nation and killing her men, children and women are but outcomes of mistakes committed by her leaderships.
Ath-Thawri weekly organ of YSP, 6 Dec. 2001

On president Ali Abdulla Salehs recent visit to the United States, France and Germany the newspapers political editor says the visit acquires a great significance with regard to its timing and level of leaderships he has met as well as the issues discussed.
The visit came after the events of 11 September in New York city and Washington and establishment of an international alliance against terror and launching of a war on Afghanistan. It has also come at a time there is a campaign against terrorist organisations to be liquidated and to dry up their resources and information on possibility of extending the military campaign to include other countries including Yemen. Added to that is the heated situation regarding the files of regional position in Palestine and Iraq and the practice of pressure on Egypt and Saudi Arabia. This means that the timing has a high level of sensitivity and complication at national, regional and international levels.
According to official statements results of the visit were successful. There has been stress on the importance of cooperation against terroristic organizations and continuation of economic and security cooperation and postponement of signing of the memorandum of understanding to a later date.
The political editor concluded by saying we are in grave need of a joint national reading of all international, regional and national developments on a basis securing cohesion of the internal front and enhancement of the democratic march to protect and preserve the national sovereignty on the one hand and to ensure Yemens active participation in fighting terror, its interaction with international community and riddance of Yemen of any possible dangers.
Al-Isboua weekly, 6 Dec. 2001
The newspapers editorial says we do not fear of opposing the regime in issues we differ with it about but we do not hesitate in supporting it when the homeland is exposed to danger and when it encounters it bravely. Our opposition of the government could not hide our vision or drive us to stand against all the policies and stands channeled into the countrys interest and serve its independence and stability. 
We disagree with the government but we cannot escape from responsibility when we find it fighting foreign ambitions and sticking strongly to national independence and sovereignty.