Press Review [Archives:2002/03/Press Review]

January 14 2002

Al-Ayyam daily 8Jan. 2002
Mr.Abdulaziz Mohammed Abdulla writes in an article that surely the government shoulders big tasks which need effort and serious work. This means there should be taking into consideration avoidance of all previous negative aspects, enhancement of positive phenomena and working for their development. 
The effort would include the implementation of the government program. Thus it means continuation of the process of economic, financial and administrative reform, along with reforming the judiciary and security institutions.
The author also touches on the governments task with regard to creating job opportunities to accommodate new labor in the process of easing sharpness of unemployment. To attain this target there must be certain elements. Among these elements are:
-To oblige the general authority for investment to create opportunities in with the other relevant sides to prepare studies on job opportunities in the country according to the needs of priority.
-To simplify the measures for investment.
-To bind all other sides to provide and link all necessary facilities for the project intended for investment.
-To speed up dealing with congestion suffered by the electric power establishment regarding the supply of power to industrial, tourist and trade project with economy costs.
-To give care and priority to small enterprises, especially industrial small projects, as they are the major in let leading to end unemployment.
-To accelerate actively the reformation of defects impeding the increase of industrial development.
-To take strict steps for completely curbing smuggling of commodities of all kinds at a time paying attention to similar national products.
-To draw up necessary and active solutions to deal with the policy of market dumping pursued by some countries.
-To activate role of the Yemeni authority for specifications and standardization by supplying qualified Cadre and necessary equipment.
Al-Ihyaa al-Arabic weekly, organ of the Arab Baath socialist party, 8 Jan, 2002
Editorial of the newspaper says with the beginning of the nineties and in the wake of the dismantle of the former Soviet Union and what the US president George Bush had described as the New World Order, the call began for the so-called as dialogue of civilizations and dialogue of religions. The call had been accompanied with terms, such as human rights, democracy and minorities rights. They are, in fact, double standards tailored inside the White House offices and the pentagon and the CIA.
By its present practical behavior, the west is leading us toward the Civilizations Conflict rather than Civilizations Dialogue. We do not believe that the Iraqi who is suffering from the hardship of sanctions, blockade and shelling of American-British warplanes and missiles, can under stand the meaning of civilizations dialogue. The same thing can be applied to the sons of Palestine, who are besieged and threatened by mass massacres aimed at their existence. They would not understand the meaning of civilizations dialogue.
The editorial maintains that any dialogue between civilizations cannot be real unless it springs from equality and characterized by mutual recognition between interests governed by perspective of justice and equality, away from language of missiles and warplanes and the big stick of International Monetary Fund and World Bank.
The poor and the oppressed could not believe that the West is serious in its call unless the UN Security Council is liberated from the US hegemony and game of the Zionist lobby controlling over the US White House and the Congress.
So the talk of dialogue between civilizations could not be taken seriously and with credibility, unless the west gets liberated from the complex of technological superiority, and that of power that threatens the world with destruction and death.
Al-Wahda weekly, 9Jan,2002
Yahya Tahir alHakim says in his article that decision taken by the GCC leaders in their 22nd summit on Yemens joining gradually the council, is a step highly important. It bears many implications and indicators on positive changes in relations of the regions people and countries. It bears indications for enhancement of the march of construction and development and the achievement of prosperity. 
Though the decision has been delayed long due to certain circumstances, it has come at last after the circumstances and problems have been overcome by dialogue and brotherly understanding.
We think that Yemens joining of the GCC is a big and important accomplishment for all the parties. It is so if we looked at it from all strategic, political and economic perspectives.
14 October Daily, 10 Jan, 2002
The newspaper editorial has been devoted to holding the coming Arab summit. It is registered in favor of Yemen for being a forerunner to submitting the idea of a regular mechanism for convening the Arab summit. The Yemeni initiative has received welcome response as it has been always premonition of all member states of the Arab league. It is also so after a stage witnessing the absence of the Arab leagues institutions of performing the minimum extent of joint action in dealing with the situations dominating Arab States relations since the 2nd Gulf war, beginning of the nineties.
With approaching date of holding the 2nd ordinary Arab summit meeting in Lebanon next March, there surfaced some differences regarding its venue or absence of some Arab leaders. These are stances the leaders should overcome the particles of their difference for the general interest of the Arab nation.
Holding the next summit in Lebanon has its implications represented in its being a support for activating Lebanons economic activity, a support for facing Israels threatening policies in addition to its approximation to the occupied Arab territories where the Palestinian people are suffering from the Israeli aggression and arrogance.
The action at all levels necessitates from now on activation of efforts and overcoming of all difficulties for the success of holding the summit in its scheduled time and venue.
RAY weekly, organ of sons of Yemen league party, 8 Jan,2002
Columnist Abdulwasie al-Nakhlani says in his article that the new year 2002 has brought with it the beginnings of official cooperation between Yemen and States of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).
This development could be the best consolation for the Yemeni people who are yearning for opening horizons of communication and extending the bridges with all Arab peoples, especially the neighboring.
Agreement concluded by leaders of the GCC on giving Yemen access to some GCC institutions is considered a historic agreement to complete this groupings structure.
Its hopeful that the decision would give a strong impetus to deal with it practically.
It is also hopeful that it would be in favor of Yemen compatible with its national asset, population weight ad maturity of its political structure which fully comprehends Yemens strategic position. We wish that Yemens asset in various fields could become a really and sincere factor facilitating this incorporation in a manner serving the region and its peoples and achieving their aspirations.
We wish under these positive developments that bonds of fraternity and neighborhood are cemented further.
Al-Wahdawi weekly, organ of the Nasserite Unionist, popular organization, 8 Jan, 2002
The newspapers editorial of this week is devoted to discussing the important decisions adopted by the 22nd meeting of the GCC summit with regard to Yemens accession to some of the GCCs institutions.
The decisions adopted by the GCCs 22nd summit are highly welcomed by every Arab citizen. As far as Yemen is concerned it has received some of these decisions, though a few at the present stage, and this is a matter that must be encouraged. The decisions related to Yemen have associated with indications on the necessity of preparing Yemen, on the economic side in particular, to keep pace with the Gulf situation.
This point should be given its due attention by the government of Yemen, especially to matters related corruption and the danger it poses to development. There are many aspects that should be tackled among which security matters, encouragement of investors, fighting bricks equality in citizenship rights and independence of judiciary. On the other hand, we should not forget about the gain of our brethren at he GCC by the joining of Yemen. It is no less in importance than what Yemen would get. One of the important is the re-establishment of the normal balance in a region where the Arab identity is threatened to be lost. Our fears are focused on probable foreign pressures on governments of the region pushing towards granting identity to all those foreigners whose numbers exceed those of the original sons the regions countries by more than twofolds. The result could be that our coming generation would be in a situation mourning the lost Gulf similar to what had happened to Andalusia.
Yemen, with its big population size, would be the most spacious consumer market to be needed by national industries for marketing their products.
Al-Balagh weekly, 8Jan, 2002
Editor-in-Chief says in his article that the U.S. is insisting to go ahead towards abyss by destroying the simplest rules governing conflicts, wars and disputes. By its arrest last week of the Afghan former ambassador to Pakistan Abdul Sallam Zaif, the U.S. confirms it is no longer cares about anyone and indifferent towards public and world opinions. Arresting a diplomat, not representing Osama bin Laden but a state and a government, is a flagrant violation of laws and norms. 
On the other hand, the U.S. manhunt for Mulla Mohammed Omar has logic or reasonability. Taliban and Mulla Omar have not attacked or waged a war on America. America itself has come to attack them and launch a war on them. It would have been reasonable for the U.S. to let leaders and members of Taliban to live as citizen in their country, in the aftermath of its military victory. Taliban and its leadership have come under military strikes for harboring Osama bin Laden and not for taking part in New York City events.
America is today destroying respect of international laws and norms and is confirming its running after the laws of power and jungle. Such a situation cannot be a convenient environment for dialogue between civilizations nor exchange of benefits and interests and no mutual respect among states. The world might be in need of a new world war to stop America from going on in its in its pursuit, as the second world was the beginning of ending the European colonization of some parts of the world.
26 September weekly, organ of Yemeni Armed forces, 10 Jan. 2002
Mohammed Mohammed Ash-Shami says his article that a significant thing is the courageous step taken by the GCC 22nd summit concerning participation of Yemen in its membership. The new step includes Yemens membership of some GCC bodies such as the councils of health ministers and social affairs and labor ministers, the GCCs bureau of Arab education and participation in Arab and Gulf football cup championship.
Along with its importance, this step is an obvious indication of Yemens importance as an inseparable part of the Arab peninsula and Arab Gulf region. The statement issued by the Yemeni Council of ministers pointed out that our countrys participation in some GCCs institutions was a great achievement and an inauguration of the Gulf future project with integration goals and an introduction of the great Arab future all the Arab countries are looking forward to realize.
The Arab Gulf leaders have become aware of Yemens importance and the necessity and establishing a partnership of destiny with it. The necessity dictates serious and objective thinking of expanding Yemens future participation is a manner meeting the GCC’s strategic aspirations and goals.
Ath-Thawra daily, 12Jan.2002
The daily has devoted its editorial to discussing the interview president Ali Abdullah Saleh has lately given to the Egyptian Al-Ahram newspaper. The editorial has focused on the presidents confirmation on describing Israel as the biggest terrorist entity in the world and that it is the cause of creating climates encourage acts of violence and extremism in the region and the world. The editorial adds that Israel is every day committing aggression and a war of annihilation against the Palestinian people embodied by destruction of the Palestinian infrastructure, demolition of residential houses and clamping siege on town under the Palestinian authority unfortunately all these tragic events take place under a complete Arab, Islamic and international silence. It is also regrettable that the nation appears to have accepted humiliation and preferred to keep silent against this Israeli arrogance. The editorial has also given prominence to president Salehs renewed call to the international community to act speedily to put an end to the Israeli escalation and aggression targeting the Palestinian people. Regional stability is connected with rules of world peace and whatever happens in this part or that of the world would extend in its interactions to a remotest geographical part of this globe.