Press Review [Archives:2002/07/Press Review]

February 11 2002

Al-Mithaq weekly 4 Feb.2002
Main Headlines:
-Yemen, Syria in the same Trench in Defense of Arab Nation.
-President Saleh Praises Germanys support for Yemens Democracy of Development March.

Plan for Judiciary Reform Implemented Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Maqaleh says in an article it seems that the present awareness suffers form sever backwardness, increases day by day.
This awareness does not recognize the new reality and international variables in the world during the last ten years and those after 11 September, 2001 in particular. Absence of Arab awareness can be traced trough many archaic terms the Arab citizen is still using such as International Community and World public opinions.
This makes us ask whether there is anything bearing such names as International Community and if it is there, where is it and is its role?
The writer confirms that both International Community and World Public Opinion are two outdated terms to express stands used to be bright landmarks of humanitarian feeling and ideological and political purity.
They were existent when demonstrations were being staged in defense of right and justice regardless of colors, races and religions. Presently, the Zionist and American media managed to have a sway over world public opinion and succeeded in poisoning humanitarian conscience and tampering with pure feelings. Thus the interest of the Palestinian struggler lies in his complete dependence on himself and not to wait help from a world controlled over by economic and media hegemony.
Al-Wahdawi weekly, organ of peoples Nasserite Unionist Organization, 5 Feb. 2002
Main Headlines:
-Yemeni Team leaves for Guantanamo Malaria spreads among al-Qaeda prisoners
-Return of 20 Exiled Military Men
-Sharon refuses Arafats peace overture Arab Heads of State Seek to secure Israels Security in Beirut Coming Summit
-Land mines kill citizens in Central Regions
Columnist Ahmed al-Fakie has this week written on return home of Yemenis in exile. The writer stresses that return of some leading officials of the Yemen socialist party does not need reasons and explanation. It is a legitimate right of any Yemeni citizen circumstances forced him to leave home. It makes no difference if he was compelled to migrate for earning a better living or due to political circumstances.
Those who look for justifications explaining the return of these political leaders who left the county after 1994 war, are mistaken.
It is specially so if their return are believed to be in response to American pressures on the ruling party under pretext of consequence of 11 September events. The returnees would surely not accept to be hostage of American decision. It is also unconceivable the ruling party to bow to the American administrations interference in our minutes internal affairs.
It is certainly a normal return that should have been made in order that both the authority and opposition contribute to build the unified Yemen.
As-Sahawa weekly 7 Feb.2002

Main Headlines:
-Parliament Speaker: our nation capable to encounter challenges, stop Arrogance
-PGCs strife for Booties threaten Democracy Future
-Merchants come under Extortion
Columnist Zaid Ash-Shami tackles problems of Yemens educational system. Mr. Ash-Shami confirms that our educational system suffers many problems. They need a serious consideration and short and long-term treatment. To talk about problems of education should not target this party or that, or to try to accuse the government for political reasons. Dealing with education issues must be carried out in line with a nationalist spirit and vision taking into consideration the challenges to face our sons in order to qualify then for shouldering their future responsibilities.
Upon the announcement on preparation for the National conference on Education, it should be noted that the conference must not, moreover, get drowned in formalities at the expense of essential issues. What is more important is to benefit from educational talents and expertise capable of contribution to this domain. Participation in the conference should, however, not be confined to certain political segment, but rather a national not partisan meeting.
There has to be an emphasis that the Arabs of Muslims are at present exposed to a brutal western assault aimed at their ideology, identity and heritage. It is necessary that the National Conference on Education to define indicators and means to help future generations stand a solid ground. Those generations should not be left libel to loss of identity and must not be raised on defeatism and subservience.
Ash-Shoura weekly, organ of Yemeni People’s Forces Union, 3 February 2002
Main Headlines:
– Random Demolition in Tawhi, Aden
– Elections Committee Asks the President Postponement of Administrative Division
– Dock Yards Workers Continue their Strike
– Journalists Face Prosecution On Publication Issues
– 17 Indonesian Students Detained, Suspected to Have Link to al-Qaeda.
Columnist Mohammed Saleh Al-Hadhiri says in an article that allotments of the state’s general budget for 2002 revealed that the state’s social function has disappeared, practically and theoretically. The constitutional amendments would make the talk about the Yemeni revolution seems something illogical because we cannot speak about economic development without the social development. It is also not realistic to talk about political democracy without being linked to social democracy. According to criteria of the last decade of the 20th century confirm the necessity that any government budget must include the principle of social balance.
Allotments of the general budget of 2002 regarding wages and social investments have confirmed that society is the major absent in all draft budgets in a way that the balance between income and the real financial burdens of the individual and also the housing of those of limited income has disappeared from the budget throughout all this period Moreover there is the absence of developing the reality of services or the creation of a base for development as part of the investment side of the budget that aims at creating new jobs connected with the concept of productive national economy.
Planning figures of the annual general budgets, separated from the social function of the state, means abandonment of the society towards opening the way for failures hindering its liberation from financial shackles.
Al-Ihyaa al-Arabi weekly, organ of the Arab Baath Socialist party, 5 February 2002
Main Headlines:
-Yemens political parties: There Must be a Unified Arab Stand Against the challenges
– Clashes Between Policemen and Citizens In al-Tawahi
– Britain Renews Its Refusal To Hand Over Or try Abu al-Hamza
– Yemens parliament forms al-Quds of Palestine Committee
– Al-Shumou weekly Chief Editor Sues Information Minister
In its editorial the newspaper confirms that if America thinks, out of its arrogance and haughtiness, that its military victory over the Afghan defenseless people makes it go further in antagonizing and threatening people, it is terribly mistaken. America is also gravely mistaken to use the events of September to wave with the use of terror as it sees it and according to its interests and wishes. To threaten by military strikes to some Arab and Islamic countries as Iraq, Syria, Sudan or Iran or to hit the Arab resistance movements, it means it is trying to expose the Arab and Islamic region to eruption of volcanoes of these peoples wrath.
In so doing America would endanger security and peace in bath Arab and Islamic worlds and itself would pay the price of that. The Arab nation and Muslim people are currently fully aware of the American, Zionist and British goals aimed at their existence, identity and civilization at present and future. The nation is completely aware that threatening Iraq, coinciding with the collective massacres perpetrated by Zionists in Palestine, is in fact a direct targeting of the entire nation. However hard some in the west tried to wave about dialogue among civilizations, it is merely a process of throwing dust in the eyes aimed at achieving what missiles and other weapons failed to do.
Al-Wahda weekly 6 February 2002
Main Headlines:
– Experts Warn of Disaster Threatens Saba’a Historical Sites
– Foreign Minister: Yemen Dealt with Extremism with Civilized Manner
– Yemeni Women Harassed at U.S. Airports
– Saudi Ambassador to Yemen: Zionist Movement Behind the Campaign Against Saudi Arabia
– Human Rights Minister: Holland Offers US$ 5 Million in Aid
In its editorial the newspaper says that ”America should think of its interests in the Arab region” says a statement made by the Saudi Crown in the course of criticizing the American attitude supporting the Israeli arrogance.
The Yemenis and other Arabs and Muslims have realized that it is a barbaric campaign aimed not only at the kingdom but all the Arabs and Muslims. The Arab and Islamic nation realizes that it is experiencing the most dangerous of its periods and it should understand that the bet of life or death is its real fate. Any leniency towards the Arab and Muslim sovereignty, dignity and legitimate rights would ultimately refer them to archives of history.