Press Review [Archives:2002/09/Press Review]

February 25 2002

Al-Qabaitah monthly newspaper, organ of Cooperation Charity Society, Qabaitah, March 2002
Main Headlines:
-YR 14 million for roads, 8 million for health
-Heritage committee discusses its plans with the Society’s leadership
-2nd Cultural Forum in Taiz on March 21
-As-Saeed Society: New Charity Projects.
An article by Abumarwan al-Shaa’abi on the role of media in charity work says it’s important to point to the role of media in creating and crystallizing concepts about charity action in Yemen and benefit from it in active participation for achieving the aspired goals.
The role of information and mass media requires approaching this aspect by explaining the ideas of the law on societies undertaking the charitable work. The writer gives an example to assist his idea by addressing Sana’a radio to shoulder such responsibility as it is tuned in everywhere in Yemen and abroad. He proposes that the radio participates in explaining to the audience the humanitarian role of charitable societies in Yemen. He also mentions about the role of Yemeni press in this respect. He encourages newspapers’ columnists in both official and non-official media to write about the charitable work in the way achieving the goals the charitable societies are supposed to attain.
Annas weekly, 18 Feb. 2002
Main Headlines:
-War against terror: Yemen from partnership to leadership
-American embassy supports tribal arbitration
-One hundred American army men to train the Special Force
In an article on demands of Arab people from the upcoming Arab summit, Dr Hassan al-Jawshaie says although the coming summit has come rather late but we hope to get much of it and expect to come out with courageous resolutions to dwarf the American ghoul and the Jewish wolf. But if he summit is to come out with weak frustrating decisions it is better for the leaders to stay in their countries and spare the millions of dollars spent on the summit and send them to the Palestinians. They are in need of these millions. Arab and Muslim peoples do not want condemning terrorism and theoretical support for the Palestinian authority in addition to denouncing the Jews’ acts. These peoples are not that naive and would not be satisfied in less than a strong stand compatible with the volume of the American plots aimed at having the sway over policies and fate of the region’s peoples and short of stopping the Jewish crimes in order to restore to the Arabs and Muslims their dignity.