Press Review [Archives:2002/39/Press Review]

September 23 2002

Al-Thawri weekly, organ of the YSP, 19 Sept. 2002.
Main Headlines:
-U.S. assistant defence secretary says Yemen a ”terrorism haven”
-While calling for national dialogue, YSP announces objection to dividing constituencies
-American warship bound for Yemen, observed
-Families of detainees in Cole case meet a parliamentary committee
-Press prosecution continue interrogations with ”Al-Thawri” editor in chief
Columnist Hisham Abdulaziz says in an article that in a step ruled out by Washington, London and Tel Aviv and unexpected in the manner it has happened, Iraq has declared its acceptance of the unconditioned return of U.N. weapons of mass destruction inspectors to Iraq. The Iraq step has come in its proper time and was correct, smart and courageous. Its importance comes from:
-It has dropped the U.S. attempts to implicate the UN in the effort against Iraq and has restored respect to Iraq’s relationship with the UN,
-It has disclosed the clearly the American, British and Israel’s irresponsible responses that only indicate their disregard of the international legitimacy. More important the Iraq step has revealed to the whole world that the American-British-Israeli aggression on Iraq is a premeditated option as a challenge of the international legitimacy and its resolutions and conventions,
-The Iraqi step has ended the state of duality resulting from the policy of reshuffling the cards of the international legitimacy and the tragedy the people of Iraq are suffering from for more than twelve years because of the continued sanctions,
-The Iraq step reformulates the attitude on principles and resolutions of the international legitimacy versus the international political bargaining, and thus the international community has become face to face with a serious choice of its grave responsibility. The international community has only two choices; either the American-British_Israeli hostile pursuit that disrespects international legitimacy or the Iraqi response based on the sense of responsibility towards what concerns our world founded on noble expectations to a decisive, comprehensive and just solution versus the threats against Iraq’s sovereignty, independence and choices.
-Hence the Iraqi stand comes in harmony with requirements of the Arab stand versus confronting and dealing with Arab issues.
Al-Wahdawi weekly, organ of the Nasserite Unionist Organization, 17 September, 2002.
Main Headlines:
-Bahrain hands over the Yemeni Mukhtar al-Bakry to the U.S.
-President Saleh threatens to use force against elements opposing border demarcation
-Troops from Brigade (310)invade Najr Amran
-American military landing operations in Yemen, groundless
-Nasserite organization condemns any attempt to attack Iraq
-Al- Ahmar accuses GPC party of forgery
-Supreme Committee of Elections cuts down shares of JMP
-Al-Qaeda challenges Pakistan and America to prove arrest of Ramzi al-Shaibh.
Mr. Mohammed Sharafudin says in an article that the United States in trying, through launching an interview media and political campaign, to blackmail Yemen politically. Western media have recently reported news on arrests, chasing and detention of Yemenis to have links to al-Qaeda.
In coincidence with there campaigns that targeted Yemeni expatriates, there come statements by American officials not ruling out that Osama bin Laden might be hiding in Yemen where the Americans think could be the convenient place to head for, in addition to Pakistan.
Against there recently escalated campaign, come to surface some new American demands from Yemen the Americans believe they would support their strategic plan to strike Iraq and control the Arab Peninsula oil fields. Americans deem it necessary to exercise more pressure on Yemen making it play a role similar to that Pakistan in their efforts to undermine and destroy Taliban regime.
Yemen has extensively cooperated with Bush’s mad campaign of so-called war on terror, that resulted in the imprisonment of hundreds of Yemenis in the political security prisons as suspects of al-Qaeda links. In return Washington has overstepped that cooperation as its ambassador to Sana’a began violating diplomatic norms by touring Yemeni governorates and meeting with citizens and social and tribal personalities without obtaining a prior permission from the Yemeni foreign ministry.
Al-Sahwa weekly, 19 Sept. 2002.
Main Headlines:
-Expatriates: No investment without security, our conference not propaganda
-Fact finding Parliamentary committee regarding detainees of Cole and 11 September
-JMP denounces restraining registration committees
Columnist Zaid al-Shami comments in his article on the report issued by the ministry of communications that clarified that this sector has seen 40 years of backwardness in comparison with the developed countries. He says no doubt the said report has formed a shock and a surprise to many of Yemenis who used to believe that communications sector is the best regarding the completion of the infrastructure not available to other sectors and because telephone services have reached to rural and urban areas. In addition to that the positive effect created by the use of computers which the ministry of communications has extended its scope as well as the achievements in post services.
If the various sectors of the state have held comparison between their situations and what should be, that would have given them the impetus to work for exerting more efforts and would consequently reveal to us that we are leading decades of backwardness compared to advanced countries. If all reports are characterized by objectivity probably they would be a motivation for working for tackling the negative aspects.
Al-Jamaheer weekly, organ of he Arab Baath Socialist Party, 15 Sept. 2002.
Main Headlines:
-Iraq pledges to teach America severe lesson
-Security authorities impose strict security measures around U.S. embassy in Sana’a
-8 Yemeni nationals arrested in Pakistan
-Following American direct threats, Arabs withdraw USD 200 million
-Israeli enemy tanks thrust inside Palestinian camps
-Who protects consumers under globalization?
In his weekly column the editor in chief says the United States is preparing for an event enabling it to hold sway on the world. It has chosen the 11th of September as the date for effecting the change and the axis towards which it is directed is Islam, as it possesses civilizational constituents qualifying it the spread in the world because of its owning of a just economic theory that would prevent exploitation and monopoly and a system based on justice, equality and peace. As faith is the contradiction of the capitalist pursuit, America has chosen Islam as he competing adversary that should be removed from its way. Bin Laden and al-Qaeda have been the weakest links that could be used in order to avoid Islamic effective reactions and also to stave off direct and huge conflict.
Bush’s latest speech at before the United Nations has revealed this pragmatic approach that tries to antagonize one party against another and implement an installment plan concerning the cases. America has experimented that on many events, most prominent is neutralizing of certain Arab countries from the list of the Arab-Zionist conflict in order to deal singly with the Palestinian people and to bring them back to the circle of targeting by considering them as terrorists.
26 September weekly, organ of Yemen Armed Forces, 19 Sept. 2002.
Main Headlines:
-Distinguished festivities on 40th anniversary of Yemeni Revolution
-Al-Kawbabani, one of the most dangerous elements wanted to justice, killed in clashes with security men
-Officials resources: Yemen rejects to its territories safe haven for any terrorist
-Big government delegation to visit Sana’a next month
-68 self-exiled military, back home
The newspaper’s editorial says Iraq acceptance to re-admit UN weapons inspectors unconditionally, in response to its Arab brethren and friendly countries’ desire, represented a smart steps to stave off plots of using inspectors return as pretext for attacking it.
By this Iraqi courageous and wise response, applauded by all nations, Iraq has place the international community before their responsibilities, in particular the Arab and all the countries that insisted on Iraq in their demand. The international community, the Arab countries and other nations should lift the sanctions and break the blockade imposed on Iraq immediately at the end of all justifications for inspection.
The UN and its security councils resolutions has exhausted all reasons for issuing them since Rolf Ekeus report in 1997 that included confirmation on Iraq’s non-possession of mass destruction weapons and consequently the sanctions on it should be lifted in order to put an end to suffering of the Iraqi people, especially children, women and the elderly as a result of the 12-year-old blockade. What is no longer acceptable is this stubbornness against the people of Iraq at a time when the Israeli occupation troops are committing bloodshed crime against the Palestinian people without any movement to compel Israel to implement the UN resolutions pertaining to the Arab-Israeli conflict. The least stand required from the Arab and Muslim countries to take at this time is to stand by Iraq and support it to stave off dangers and challenges facing it and undermine the plots machinated on it.
Al-Balagh weekly, 17 Sept. 2002.
Main Headlines:
-6th Yemeni arrested in Bahrain at the night of his wedding
-In prelude to American plans: Charges on Bin Laden’s presence in Yemen.
-The Mujahidine deny al-Shaibh arrest
-Arab groupings to confront European threats, a must
Editor in chief says when the United States wants t implement a certain operation, it begins to leak lies and repeat them every now and then, complaining for itself a false file a certain region to activate it on due time. This is what the U.S. is now behaving concerning our country. It has been repeating statements on presence of al-Qaeda elements on our territories, and repeated such statements, adding a new one saying in case bin Laden is still alive he may inevitably be hiding in Yemen.
This means that our country has to prove the contrary and for America to prove that bin Laden is on our territories.
These media leaks represent only a new kind of polite pressure exercised and this time it is associated with praise of cooperation our country is offering. Nevertheless, the Americans insist on their media leakage. Security responsibility in our country is a pure Yemeni concern, and security cooperation with the U.S. could not allow it to be rendered to interference in the Yemeni affair. We have to be attentive to these new American stances that make us wonder what the Americans ‘ plans concerning our country are.