Press Review [Archives:2002/41/Press Review]

October 7 2002

Al-Jamaheer Weekly, organ of the Arab Baath Socialist party, Sept.2002.
Main Headlines:
-Detainees fact-finding committee condemns security apparatus
-Yemeni Lebanese summit in Sana’a
-At its anniversary, Palestinian Intifadah inflicts heavy losses on enemy
-Massive demonstrations in Britain, Australia, America protesting threat to attack Iraq
-Russian Duma recommends no need for a new UN resolutions on Iraq.
-On the 40th anniversary of the Revolution, youth parade at Sabeen celebration filed
Editorial in chief of the newspaper says in his article that Iraq’s acceptance of unconditional and unfettered return of the UN weapons inspectors team to Iraq, has disclosed the American arrogance and pushed the US administration into a narrow corner. This could be detected through the US attempts of pressing the international community to issue a new resolution authorizing the US attacking Iraq and drag the world to war. This has created inside the UN Security Council on opposition for various reasons
The world would be exposed to a new global war given that Iraq issue is but an introduction to re-arrange the economic interests in the region where the US to gain the lion share to use it as pressure card on Europe, China and Japan.
Attacking Iraq would inflame the region that is part of the Arab and Islamic nation. It would render the region out of control and threaten the European interests in the area, in addition to threatening European security and stability due to its proximity to the Arab region.
The other reason is the suffering the world had experience after the World War II, whose impact is still there up today.

Al-Shoura weekly, organ of Yemeni People’s Forces Union, 29 Sept. 2002.
Main Headlines:
-Iraq warns Washington to sustain heavy lasses the time it attacks it
-Electoral committees manipulate opposition shares
-Yemeni-American agreement on trying detainees accused of Cole involvement
-Attack on MP Sakher al-Wajieh, denounce
Arab affairs editor writes on the second anniversary of the Palestinian Intifadah saying the Palestinian uprising which erupted on 28 September2000 has not relented following the two-year steadfastness against the Israeli occupation forces terrorism and the destruction they caused to Palestinian towns and villages and mass killings.
The uprising has remained the hope of the nation to get rid of the Zionist occupation. Ethics of the international community have failed in their first year of investigation into Sharon’s massacre in Jenin and Nablus and the rest of West Bank towns.
The worse is that the US administration opens its doors to war criminal Sharon and close them in the face of Palestinian right and international legitimacy.
After two years of uprising the Arabs are not required to mention their contacts with the US administration which is completely biased to the Sharonite terror, but to seriously consider severing their diplomatic and trade relations with it until it goes back to reason.
Al-Balagh weekly, 1 Oct. 2002.
Main Headlines:
-Bin Laden in Pakistan, calls for jihad against Americans
-British ambassador denies targeting her country’s embassy
-Sheik Abdullah holds security forces responsible for last week clashes
-Citizens accuse the political parties of blackmailing
-Tribal Sheik refuses passing Saudi borderline through his tribe’s land
-Saudi Arabia summons its ambassador to Qatar
-German citizen killed in his car explosion in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
al-Balagh editor in chief confirms that the constitution, law and legislation are the essential motor of any political system and foundations and supports of the state. Violating any of these bases is a fight against the state and undermining of its foundations.
Very unfortunately the laws and legislation are no longer implemented but on the weak. The strong and the influential are place above accountability. Reminding of the importance of showing respect to the laws, the constitution and legislation, acquires great significance at a time we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the 26 September revolution because grandeur of the celebration lies in affiliation to the homeland, and respect of its constitution, laws and legislation, and above all respecting the people living on this land.
Al-Wahda weekly, 2 Oct. 2002
Main Headlines:
-Parties urge the citizens to go registration centers
-Positive results of dialogue between religious scholars and Afghanistan returnees.
-Prosecution interrogates some of those involved in al-Ahmar sons incident
-Security sources: Abu Yousif group planned attacks on big tourist facilities
-Sons of Yemen League party leader al-Jifri: our party the fittest partner in governance
editor in chief says according to official estimates by the UN the victims of anti-personnel land mines in about 70 countries are yearly amounting to 10 thousand dead and 20 thousand wounded, among whom large number of children.
The writer maintains that numerous Yemeni citizens were at various times victims of land mines. These are mines planted in different areas of the country during periods of domestic wars and conflicts over several decades, the most dangerous of which was the 1994 war.
At present those wars and conflicts have ended but some of their consequences are still existing till now. The most dangerous consequences are absolutely the mines whose numbers and places are unknown despite statistics and statements issued by various issues.
Recently competent authorities, in cooperation with foreign expertise, have embarked on demining many areas in the country. But the land is still hiding large number of these mines due to lack of maps, on the one hand, and the random planting on the other.
Al-Sahwa weekly, 3 Oct.2002
Main Headlines:
-Islah party calls for registration, protection of records against manipulation
-Islah secretary-general: we are who demand investigation with manipulators in electoral committees
-Hameed al-Ahmar: We are who demanded for investigation into Hadda incident
-In Camera trial for Cole defendants
Columnist Zaid al-Shami says two years have passed since the beginning of al-Aqsa uprising in Palestine. The Palestinians have offered hundreds of martyrs and thousands of wounded. Their houses were destroyed and their trees were uprooted but were nor defeated and proved to be deserving life. As for the Jews, they are living the worst periods of their life since declaration of Palestine usurpation. Palestinian stone-throwers and martyrs managed to impose a balance of horror with the Israeli military machine.
If the leaders have restricted their task to the choice of peace, which is rejected by both Israel and America, the peoples must continue supporting the uprising materially, morally and politically. The peoples must maintain their pressure on their rulers to leave the state of inability they have forced on themselves.
Al-Thawri weekly, organ of the YSP, 3 Oct. 2002.

Main Headlines:
-To ensure free elections, Political parties sign an agreement of principles
-Strong differences shake the ruling party’s Abyan organization
-Armed confrontations in Taiz
-The four French detainees from Yemeni origin
-U.S. authorities take strict measures against Yemeni travellers
Mr Faisal al-Soufi says the government’s stance towards education is shameful as it in many instances praises illiteracy, and grants a highwayman a high military rank and appoints illiterate in senior positions.
The government officially observe the world day on illiteracy eradication and on such occasions the government reminds about its achievements in this regard to an extent that it sends reports to one of the UN committees explaining that it has taken significant steps to improve status of women. In the field of illiteracy, the biggest educational and civilizational problem facing the country they say in the government that they have eradicated illiteracy of 130 thousand citizens in the past ten years and now we 3 million pupils and students studying at various stages of schooling. But if we go back to government records we find that the 3 million pupils and students represent only 40% of the society while 60% are outside schools and the government has failed to secure for them free and compulsory education.
26 September weekly, organ of Yemen Armed Forces

Main Headlines:
-Islah elements in Taiz open fire on registration committees
-Five French nationals deported for violating residency laws
-Yemen considers American congress on al-Quds a challenge of Arabs and Muslims feelings
-Qatari foreign minister arrives in Sana’a
-A new batch of returnees arrives in Aden
-Chairman of Iranian Shoura Council: we oppose attacking Iraq
The newspaper’s political editor says the democratic changes that Yemen has witnessed during the past ten years have developed the national political awareness to levels of realization by which the people feel their responsibilities towards their society and themselves and towards their country, especially after the political system has become deriving its executive, legislative and local powers from them. Consequently, maintaining its accomplishments course and its development is a representation of their free will in choosing their political leaderships by direct election of the president and their representatives in the legislative and local authorities.
Yemen’s people active participation in the process of registration in the electoral records and then getting their election cards is a step reflecting a high national sense of responsibility showing the active participation in the coming elections on 27 April 2003.
The Yemenis are proving anew their deserving of a democratic life as a qualitative addition to the democratic building.