Press Review [Archives:2002/46/Press Review]

November 11 2002

Al-Wahdawi weekly newspaper, organ of the Nasserite People’s Unionist Organization, 5 Nov. 2002:
Main Headlines:
-U.S. plane behind killing al-Harithi, Washington’s ambassador was present in Mareb.
-Missile kills 6 al-Qaeda-linked members
-Al-Mikhlafi: Iraq pays the price of its supporting stands for Palestinians cause
-Saudi pressures to sue “al-Wahdawi”
-Zionist forces continue killing the Palestinians, demolish their homes
-Bin Laden’s wife not in Yemen.
In his weekly column, al-Wahdawi editor in chief Ali al-Saqqaf says before and after issuing arbitration on islands disputed over by Yemen and Eritrea, Eritrean provocations did not stop. Many times we have drawn the attention that those harassments impinge upon Yemen’s sovereignty. Unfortunately, our mentions on Eritrean behavior have annoyed the some in the Yemeni government, who considered the remarks as a kind of instigating troubles. Some have also went further to accuse al-Wahdawi newspaper of purposefully intending to destroy Yemen’s relations with its neighbors, though they know well that the remarks aimed only at defending the homelands’ interest.
Recently, Eritrea has resumed its military harassments in the Red Sea. Its media are recruited to offend Yemen’s national symbols as well as the homeland.
It is the duty of all to stand against the Eritrean practices and to stop them because Yemen is for all.
Al-Ihya, al-Arabi weekly, organ of the Arab Ba’ath Socialist party, 31 Oct.2002.
Main Headlines:
-JMP branches in Ibb, meet the governor
-Tareq Aziz: We are prepared to confront America
-Sheik al-Shaef: Attackers on my house escaped towards Sheik al-Ukaimi
-Sheik al-Ahmar: Yemen participation in military maneuvers with America in Jordan, a bad act
-Joint Meeting Parties condemn violation and excesses in elections registration
Columnist Zakaria Tareq Sallam says the American administration thinks it could be the major source for governing destinies and will of people, even in the form of the regime existing in this or that country of the Arab homeland. Because of its psychological and military defeat in the US-led aggression on Iraq in 1991, the administration tries to appear as the always victorious. Thus we find it threatens any country opposing its neo-colonialist policy.
The American administration which creates havoc here and there, it interfere one time under the name of democracy, demanding the regimes to open space for democracy for peoples, forgetting that it does not have of democracy but its name. Minorities in American and their suffering from racial suppression is the best evidence on that. It also feigns to forget that it is the source of terror in the world. The American administration interferes in the name of humanity, forgetting that the first suffering of humanity was it its hands when it used nuclear bombs against Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It demands disarmament Zionist entity possesses the biggest arsenal of these weapons in the region.
Al-Wahda weekly, 6 Nov. 2002.
Main Headlines:
-The president calls on al-Qaeda elements to announce repentance
– Two persons accused of shooting at ”Hunt” helicopter, arrested
– Archaeology authority discovers ”Sabaya al-Himyari” palace
-Salem Saleh: results of registration reflect our people’s awareness of the democratic option
-75% of Yemeni-Saudi border demarcation operation finished
-More than 10 thousand Somali emigrants in Aden
Columnist Ahmed Muhidin says in his article that the establishment of peace and stability in the Middle East does not only mean in favor of the region’s peoples and countries interests but rather the interests of peoples and countries all over the world. When America, that has become the sole super power in this world, seeks to convert the Mideast area into a mass of fire through its plans of imposing its control on the region’s countries by force,. this means that this great power is intentionally going in the direction of harming interests of most or all peoples of the world. This orientation and policy by the US administration under Bush form the fuel inflaming the feelings of hatred towards the United States of America, even by friendly and ally countries. Signs of such feelings towards the U.S. have begun to appear in a number of countries through targeting the American interests and nationals. This development in itself supposedly make the U.S. president Bush’s administration reconsider its policies and calculations towards the world peoples and their interests.
Al-Usboa weekly, Nov. 2002.
Main Headlines:
-Al-Harithi attracted into a trap with help of sheikhs
-Hunt plane incident, a terrorist
-Condemned in kidnapping incident of a German diplomat released
Columnist Abdulfattah al-Batoul writes that parties of the Joint Meeting have mentioned that the practices made by the ruling party indicate clearly to confiscation of the electoral process and deciding its results beforehand. Against that the ruling party confirmed that the number of excesses made by parties of the joint meeting have been contained in more than one thousand pages and most of them are of a penal character and some of them violating the law of elections and that of political parties and organizations.
Personalities of the joint meeting parties and of the ruling party should work for calming down the situations and restoring matters to their nature and giving the electoral process its actual size and realistic role.
Al-Thawri weekly, organ of the YSP, & Nov. 2002.
Main Headlines:
-Al-Harithi assassinated martyr Majid Murshid, F-18 fighters take part in Mareb operation
-Second imprisonment sentence against al-Thawri newspaper editor in chief
-Armed engagement between expatriates minister guards and finance director general
-Al-Wahdawi weekly editorial staff before press prosecution
Columnist Jamal A’mer says it has become evident that American authorities deal with Yemen as if it is a natural extension of Afghanistan. They perhaps have defined certain cities and residential groupings as areas protecting terrorism, probably the city of Mareb is among the first of such cities which has become a version of Kandahar in order that the CIA sends its planes to carry out a combat operation there despite that it was inside the territories of a sovereign country. Spokesman for the Yemeni interior ministry dealt with the incident as if it had occurred in a country other than Yemen as he restricted his announcement on the incident by mentioning that the car exploded and there were explosives inside it and its passengers were suspected to be linked to al-Qaeda. Movements of the American ambassador to Yemen and tours of the areas of Mareb and al-Jawf, his direct contacts with tribal personalities and meeting with them send a message and give the impression that the American intelligence apparatus would undertake hunting down the suspected of their relation with al-Qaeda organization and bin Laden. It means that the American intelligence would take the responsibility of gathering information and evidence without depending on Yemeni security bodies.
It is undeniable that the America is practicing all forms of blackmailing on Yemen authority and its pretexts all always ready with justification that Yemeni authorities are incapable of providing secure atmospheres for western interests in addition to its repeated ”failure” spreading their control over tribal areas.