Press Review [Archives:2002/51/Press Review]

December 16 2002

Al- Shomoa weekly, 14 Dec. 2002.

  Main Headlines:
-American embassy in Sanaa opens contact channel with al-Biedh
-Yemen and Sudan could face American-European aggression launched from Eritrea and Djibouti
-The president discusses a number of issues with Russian president Putin Monday
-Japan may freeze economic aid to Yemen over missiles
-Aden witnesses financial corruption in latter months of this year
-YR 152 million worth in financial violations at works office in Taiz

The newspapers editorial says all political data in the country clearly indicate the existence of a conspiracy aimed at the entire area of Yemen. This conspiracy is woven by the Americans while a small group of its agents in the country have speedily volunteered to implement. This group, and America, did not take into consideration the volume of relationship with America or the size of cooperation shown by the Yemeni government and the opposition. Amidst that and within confirmation that the U.S. CIA has opened a channel of dialogue with Yemeni opposition abroad, mainly with Ali Salem al-Biedh, this could be a dangerous indicator that could not at any rate be looked over as all data point to a scheme for partitioning the country and take back to the status before 1994.