Press Review [Archives:2003/03/Press Review]

January 20 2003

Al-Sahwa weekly, 16 Jan 2003.
Main Headlines:
-Islah party expresses condolences on the decease of late al- Mutawakil
-Sheikh al- Mouyad and companion under arrest in Germany
-YSP Secretary-General: JMP, Choice of the future
-“Al-Wahdawi” trial postponed
Mr. Ahmed Othman calls in an article on all to fiercely fight terror, whether committed by an individual or a group. He says terror could not hide its ugly face behind slogans of religion, or patriotism, or world peace or war on terror.
All the Yemenis have at these circumstances, to demand persistently for proper investigation into terror and holding just trial of the terror that claimed life of American medical doctors in Jibla and also the terror to which Sheikh al-Mouyad was exposed to in Germany, because Sheikh al-Mouyad is not a terrorist.
The state should seriously carry out its duty in protecting its citizens and the political force should follow up the terror against al- Mouyad as a Yemeni citizen and prominent social figure.
Al-Wahdawi weekly, organ of the Nasserite Unionist organization, 14 Jan.2002.
Main Headlines:
-Threatening letters to American in Jibla
-Foreign embassies transfer Yemeni Jews to Israel
-Nasserite organization, Nationalist bodies, mourn the late al- Mutawakil
-Intensified security reinforcements in Ma’madani
-Nationalist Baath party holds its congress
-First session to try al- Mouyad in Germany
-Nasserite organization calls for national dialogue
-“Al-wahdawi” before court on three publication charges
Columnist Ali al-Saqqaf writes that hardly two weeks elapsed on the sudden departure of martyr Jarallah Omar, assistant secretary general of the Yemen socialist party, we have been shocked by death of the late Yahya al-Mutawakil, assistant secretary-General of the General People’s Congress Party in a car accident on 13 January 2003.
Departure of al- Mutawakil has added to sadness of the Yemeni and deepened their wounds.
The two men are of the most prominent political leader who possess big amount of balance and openness towards other owing to their political experience over decades of political action. Immediately after the death of Jarallah Omar a question loomed on what would be after his martyrdom and now the same question pops up after the death of al-Mutawakil.
The question is about destiny and future of the country. The question stems from keenness on the homeland and its future amidst the disasters and afflictions. Corruption and economic deterioration.
Al-Jamaheer weekly, organ of the Arab Baath Socialist party, 12 Jan.2003.
Main Headlines:
-Yemeni-Saudi border Demarcation Company, stops its work
-The pentagon dispatches 35,000 soldiers to the Gulf region
-Security authorities arrests tens without specific charges
-French team to watch inspections in Iraq
-Jordanian- British joint military maneuvers this month
-Saudi citizen opens fire on worshippers in a mosque in Kharg City Riyadh
-Arab league secretary- general holds international community responsible for the Zionist terrorism
-Director-general in Hajjah punishes two female employees by cutting their hair
-India refuses American aid
-Sudan denies its possession of mass destruction weapons
Editor in chief of the newspaper says the balanced information political address is that which understands reality and deals with objectively and rationally. It acts within what is constant and what is changeable according to strategic and principled contexts. The writer describes the domestic information political address as imbalance, deals with reaction and ushers domination of the political decision along with attaching charges to the other opinion. The author sees that the successful information political address should possess certain characteristics.
1. It should stand on national and pan- Arab constants in keeping pace with present and future variables
2. It must found channels and a body for dialogue leading to consultation on all issues and dealing with them according to a unified vision enhances the political decision, preserves the interest and removes political congestion.
3. Should make the people aware of the real dangers threatening their nation and their stability and to create preparedness for facing the worst circumstances.
ATTARIQ weekly, 14 Jan. 2003.
Main Headlines:
-GPC’s assistant secretary-general Yahya al- Mutawakil, killed in car accident
-Criminal investigation and traffic police examine al-Mutawakil’s car
-Despite the president’s, Hamadani House workers without wages
-Investors dismayed over customs increase
Columnist Wathiq Shathili writes on unemployment phenomenon saying the talk on this phenomenon and necessity of finding job opportunities for the unemployed labor would not stop as long as it is still living amid our society. All the rights we brag about as human rights and rights to good food and lodging, medical services and education, would be futile if the rights to work and earn a fixed income is not available. To say the unemployed outnumber available job opportunities, is only one of many other facts governing the subject of the unemployed people and possibility of employing all or some of them. The important question is that we show no care about it and do not discuss it. It is not enough to declare the desire and plans for employment of jobless people, there must be some practical steps and measures.
RAY weekly, organ of sons of Yemen leagues party, 14 Jan. 2003.
Main Headlines:
-Al- Jifri, Bin Farid send condolences to the president and the late al- Mouyad and Zaid to Washington
-Implementation of Yemen’s joining of the GCC, discussed
-American Development Office in Yemen, re-opened
-Yemeni citizen holding American nationality admits link to al-Qaeda
Mr. Fawzi al- Kahili says in an article that one of the phenomena, perhaps unique in Yemen, is to hear from medium leaderships from the ruling party curse corruption and wish the discharge of officials.
Unfortunately, the opposition parties seem to enable before the corruption octopus. The period that remain before the scheduled date of the parliamentary elections in April 2003, indicates that the corrupt would redouble their efforts to win and dominate the parliament seats and thus have a sway over most of the country’s riches during another five years.
The time, however, is not too late for reformers from among partisans, independents, especially the intellectuals, journalists and politicians to embark on awareness campaign among the people urging them to support opposition parties and to vote for them in the coming elections.
Al-Mithaq, organ of the General People’s Congress party (GPC), 13 Jan.2003.
Main Headlines:
-President Ali Abdullah Saleh: GPC does not intend to dominate power, partnership through ballot boxes
-As being accomplices in same plot: killers of Jarallah Omer and American physicians to be tried together
-Dr. al-Eryani informs NDI director on Yemen’s preparations for upcoming elections
In his column, Dr. Abdulaziz al-Maqalih affirms there are many questions dictated by the current Arab political reality, but the most urgent one is how the Arab nation would play her role in this critical turning point at a time in each of Arab countries there are countless problems need to be addressed. These problems consume the Arabs minds and act as a barrier preventing them from doing something to confront the detrimental possibilities. It has become sure that their detrimental possibilities would not be confined to one country without spilling their damage to the others. Consequences of any predicted to the long-term war in the region would lead its people to a labyrinth so difficult to come out from peacefully. It seems that Arab information media are incapable of presenting solutions and no longer able to face other information offensive. The main question remains asking about when would the sons of this nation be able to rectify the big mistake represented by division, which is the origin of other mistakes and taboos?
Al- Shomoa weekly, 16 Jan.2003.
Main Headlines:
-Al-Mouyad, persuaded by a Yemeni personality working U.S. C/A
-German investments in Yemen, still small
-Despite Yemen oil good quality, the government enable to market it commercially
The newspaper’s editorial says it is obvious that the U.S. war against Iraq does not target only Iraq, it is aims at the Arab and Islamic nation as a whole. As the expected war coincides with time of holding parliamentary elections in Yemen, the two events are meant for outflanking Yemen’s future. If it is imperative for us to find our future hostage of those events, we should thus be quick in dealing with them with full responsibility and comprehensive understanding of how to act at political, economic and military levels.
Looking around us, we would find out that Yemen has become militarily and politically surrounded with American military bases and navy fleets. If we deeply comprehend this politically bitter reality, we would find out that danger is approaching Yemen’s should now discard all past differences for the sake of Yemen and Yemeni generations future.
Al-Balagh weekly, 14 Jan. 2003.
Main Headlines:
-Yemen mourns departure of late Yahya al- Mutawakil
-Following arrest of Sheikh al- Mouyad, America sends coded messages to Islah
-German Court considers handing over al- Mouyad to America or returns him to Yemen
-Large- scale security plan to encounter terror
-Strict security measures around embassies
Al-Balaqh editorial mentions that terror file has recently been witnessing dangerous speed and developments embodied by German authorities arrest of Sheikh Mohammed al-Mouyad and his companion on charge of offering support for al-Qaeda organization.
That measure has constituted a dangerous development owing to its impact on Yemen’s bilateral relations with Germany and with the U.S. The seriousness of the event also stems from the high position Sheikh al- Mouyad occupies at the Islah party.
The Yemeni government’s immediate action in this regard and its demand for the return of al-Mouyad comes to avoid any complications and also as part of the government’s care for all its citizens regardless of their political affiliations.