Pressman called atheist before judiciary [Archives:2005/875/Local News]

September 8 2005

ADEN- Sept. 5- The accusation of al-Haq Paper's Editor-in-Chief, Ahmad al-Hubeishi, with atheism and going beyond the limits of the Sunna of Prophet Mohamed caused public ire and tension last week.

The accusations were caused by Ahmad al-Hubeishi's criticism of the government and campaign for reform. He uncovered the attempts of corrupt individuals to cheat the public good.

Journalists considered what was published by al-Haq Paper as classed within the frame of fierce campaign launched by corrupt individuals contrarily to the calls of HE President Ali Abdullah Saleh for fighting all forms of corruption and holding corrupt individuals accountable for their actions.

In their statement, journalists denounced the attacks on al-Haq which is a leading newspaper supporting the culture of reform and updating initiated by its editor Ahmad al-Hubeishi.

Al-Hubeishi sent a letter to the Yemeni Journalist Syndicate in which he informed officials there of what was published by his paper and urged the council of the syndicate to take firm procedures against such violations that harm democracy and the press freedom.

The Administrative Staff of the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate, Aden Branch issued a communique in its emergency meeting held on August 24 in which it denounced the attack on al-Hubeishi.

The Administrative Staff insisted on the syndicate to immediately approve the Journalistic Ethic Code, activate its mechanisms and confront the malpractices and the humiliations of pressmen.