Price increase and 350 merchants prosecuted [Archives:2006/976/Local News]

August 28 2006

SANA'A, Aug. 26 ) Over the last 20 days, 350 merchants were referred to the General Prosecution after being caught red-handed.

The merchants were committing price infringements, failing to measure the right weight, selling expired commodities or commodities incompatible with standards.

The merchants included bakers who failed to commit to the fixed weight of bread loaf, according to Salim Al-Mamari, the general manager of internal trade in the Ministry of Industry.

“The ministry along with its offices in the governorates is imposing a tight control and observance over all local markets and big stores to make sure that prices of food is stable, particularly before the onset of Ramadan,” added Al-Mamari, stressing the potential of merchants to exploit the month of Ramadan and monopolize food stocks.

Trade Minsiter, Khalid Sheikh assured earlier that his ministry will not allow any manipulation of food prices, particularly during electoral campaigns, affirming that legal procedures will be taken against the violators. He further indicated that his ministry, in collaboration with commerce chambers in the governorates formed committees to observe the markets across the republic.

The Yemeni market witnessed a big increase in all governorates, involving primary foods including rice, flour, wheat, sugar, chicken, children's milk, and Yemeni national commodities were no exception.

“We were surprised at the sudden increase, and distributors were offering their commodities for higher prices than usual,” said Ahmed Al-Kudimi. “An egg bought for YR15, and it's now YR 20, chicken rose from YR 290 to YR 350 as well as ghee, milk and juice which increased at 15 percent,” added Al-Kudimi.