Prime Minister pledges for stiffer measures:State to purge terrorists and corrupt [Archives:2003/639/Local News]

June 5 2003

New measures are to be applied topurge terrorism and corruption, Mr. Abdulkader Bajammal, the prime minister said last week.
“Terrorism serves corruption in most cases for the ultimate interest of the corrupt,” the prime minister said.
Addressing the Yemeni media, the prime minister also confirmed that the government's program will encompass the struggle against corruption and terror considering them as the two side of the same coin. “Both terrorism and corruption originate from the same source based on the deterioration of moral values and ethics.” he added.
The state program will also focus on fighting poverty and bureaucracy.
As for cooperation between the US and Yemen, the prime minister said that “the main criteria of that relation can be measured by the political and national measurement for the benefit of Yemen away from aggrandizement and fantasy which are of less significance.”