Pro-Bush, anti-abortion, and anti-homosexuality [Archives:2004/792/Letters to the Editor]

November 22 2004

Byron Allen
[email protected]

In response to Hassan Al-Haifi's latest opinions, and as a Republican who voted for Bush, I want to shed some light on my decision process. In your article you seem to despair as to how the United States could elect Bush again.
I am a Christian who believes that abortion is wrong and homosexuality is wrong. I cannot separate my belief in God from my voting actions. Kerry would have supported homosexuality and abortion. He would have had the opportunity to appoint Supreme Court justices who are pro-homosexuality and pro-abortion. My beliefs coincide with the teaching of Islam. How could you expect me to vote against both my beliefs as a Christian and your beliefs as Muslims? You see, for me, God's will as documented in the Koran and the Bible controls my vote.
We Americans believe in freedom for people around the world and the results in Afghanistan and Iraq are going to show that Democracy will thrive in the Middle East. The days of the murdering dictators are coming to an end and this makes them very fearful. I am proud that America, in the face of so much global opposition, has forged ahead to help the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. We now know that the “global opposition” was a result of bribes paid by Saddam to the French and Russians to preserve his power and allow him to continue to murder the citizens of Iraq.
America has no desire to stay in these countries at all and is rapidly helping the sovereign governments to train police and military forces of their own. In Iraq, you can see that the terrorist have changed tactics and are now killing their brother Arabs. Why would they do this? What is motivating them? It is plain to see that the terrorists have an agenda which has nothing to do with Islam or a desire to protect their brother Muslims. They are thugs who just want power and money however the legitimate Islamic forces in Iraq and in Afghanistan will prevail, Inshallah.