Promoting tourism in Taiz [Archives:2002/36/Local News]

September 2 2002

TAIZ-Ministry of Tourism and Environment, the Local Council of Taiz governorate, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Taiz, are to sponsor during the period of September 30 to October 3 at Sofitel Hotel in Taiz a symposium on tourism promotion in Yemen.
Faisal Saeed Fara’e the General Manager of al-Saeed Foundation for Sciences & Culture told the Yemen Times that nine working papers are to be presented during the symposium.
“The working papers will focus on two standpoints, the first one is to highlight the fundamental role of the tourist sector in the process of development. The working papers will focus also on the social, economical and cultural role towards promoting the tourist sector. The second standpoint is related to the tourist attraction in different Yemeni cities including, Taiz and Ibb,” Fara’e noted further.
Sadeq Salah, the Chairman of Tourism Office in Taiz said that a tourist exhibition would be organized on the sidelines of the symposium. “The exhibition aims to include tourist establishments such as, agencies, hotels, and other tourist activities.
Different cities will participate also in the symposium including, Aden, Lahj Taiz, and Ibb.
The symposium is to be organized by the al-Saeed Foundation for Sciences & Culture.