Protest public school tuitions [Archives:2003/668/Letters to the Editor]

September 15 2003

Annie E. S.
[email protected]

Is it really true that in Yemen the basic education is not totally free of charge? I’m shocked if this is the case. I think that in most countries of the world public education is totally free because it’s for the good of the country in every way if as many people as possible are educated. As a mother of 4 kids enrolled in public school in Saudi Arabia, I find that it’s so difficult and costly just to provide all of the folders, pencils, pens, backpacks, art supplies, etc. that the school demands. I cannot imagine paying for tuition as well, especially if one has a large family.
We all can find a way to get school supplies, at least the minimal amount, but as for tuition for several kids for a poor family it would be impossible. I wonder if the Yemeni people can make a protest against this unfair practice of charging for public school in the form of a peaceful demonstration, getting media coverage on a national level. If that doesn’t work, then they need to appeal to richer Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia for donations. People here in Saudi Arabia are always happy to give money for a good cause such as for Palestinian, Iraqi and Afghani brothers and sisters. Perhaps the Yemeni folks working in Gulf countries ought to spread the word that help in this area is needed so more Yemeni kids can have their right to go to school and live up to their fullest potential. At the very least, the educated Yemeni population should try to offer assistance to a neighbor in the form of paying tuition for one kid, or tutor the child for free so they can at least read and write and do basic math. I think that this would be a great thing for all Muslims to do, i.e., to lend a hand in helping our Muslim kids are educated.