Protesting President’s amnesty [Archives:2004/702/Letters to the Editor]

January 12 2004

Adel Mutlak
[email protected]

I do not know whether you are going to publish this letter of many concerns to many people like us or not, but I thought I would expose this issue to show the ugly face of people exploiting their powers in post-war period of 1994 anyway. Also, I would like to pass my opinions and concerns about The President Amnesty. I would appreciate if published unedited.
Our family one of many families who suffered from wars in Yemen. Exceptionally, we lost our father Dr. Mutlak Abdulla Hassan in 1986 during the massacre arranged, implemented and executed by Ali Naser Mohamed. But ironically and arrogantly enough, we also lost our house in 1994 to one of Yemen Socialist Party political office member who is called Abdul Ghani Abdul Ghader. This person occupied our house by force, under bullets and military presence as usually happens in Yemen, without any legal rights, even more, exploiting the post-war unease period, his post and connections for his own benefits and to kick us out of our only accommodation.
He claims that the house belongs to him while we bought the house and have all the legal documents. Not only that, but he received from the authority in Aden a compensation of 2 big lands in Aden's most popular places and a flat. He sold the land for 36 million Rials a few years ago which is equivalent to 150 millions Rials nowadays. But his greediness, savageness, non existence of self-esteem and respect led to more oppression against us and may be many others.
I wonder how this person got away with it from his fellow members, party and where is justice.
Dear editor, in what ways do you think this type of scenarios will end? And how the Amnesty will be implemented while peoples' houses are snatched forcibly from them and not returned. Is the Amnesty only to return people home to live in the mud or ELSE?
Finally, I think the President should implement procedures to follow his Amnesty to make people live safely together without tangled problems, give people back what they had and solve these serious issues which are blundering as a dark cloud over Aden city if he really means the Amnesty.