Qat and cigarettes: a way to die [Archives:2005/831/Letters to the Editor]

April 7 2005

Tofeek al-Sarari

How can we solve the addiction to qat and cigarettes? Smoking and chewing qat are two persistent problems in Yemen. They are destroying our country. These habits break off the relations among the family members. Husbands often prefer buying these two harmful things to food for their children. Add to that the waste of money and time. Cigarettes and qat bring disease and bankruptcy.

It seems to me that educated people should find a solution to these harmful habits with the help of the government. For example, they should take punitive measures against officials who smoke and chew qat in government offices.

Why don't we take care of ourselves and save ourselves from death? Why don't we save our money for our children's education and standard of living? Why don't we raise our nation without smoking and qat?

Finally, I would like to advise addicted men to stop smoking and chewing qat. I know that it is difficult for them to do, but with step-by-step self-training, impossible things can be easily achieved.