Qat has positive influence [Archives:2004/717/Letters to the Editor]

March 4 2004

Neil Rogers
[email protected]

I was very amused by the letter from Abdulsalm Hidarh [email protected], concerning the chewing of qat and the pleasant mood of apathy and indolence that it induces.
My family lived in Aden from 1952 – 1963 and although we were foreigners we soon became accustomed to chewing qat and enjoying the very pleasant soothing effects of it. Even I, as a child of 10 years adopted the habit and I would look happily towards the coming of the qat season and my first purchase of fresh qat at the market and I would spend my remaining time wandering around Steamer Point with my left cheek bulging with the delicious and soothing herb.
Blessings and peace be upon you and may prosperity find a home within your nation.