Qat is laughable [Archives:2004/798/Letters to the Editor]

December 13 2004

Ali Abdulla
[email protected]

I have a comment to make on qat in Yemen. I believe that the more educated the individual is the more they don't want to be around the qat crowds. I guess some Yemenis need to do more schooling, so they could invest their time wisely on a more productive activity such as exercising, pursuing for higher education, etc.
It's really funny to see so many immigrant Yemenis working hard in the USA and Gulf countries and then go back to Yemen with their pockets full of money, but then spend this money on qat.
It makes me think whether those people realize how hard they worked but to eventually find their money spent in vain. However, after they spend all their money on qat and other silly stuff, they end up broke, without any money and have to go back again to work hard. Now that is laughable!