Rai [Archives:2003/632/Press Review]

April 21 2003

15 April 2003
Main headlines:
– U.S. State Department: Yemen's record weak, big restraints hamper change
– Washington announces the end of major war operations in Iraq
– Head of Iraq's nuclear program arrested
– 300 Yemenis return from Iraq
– Riyadh hosts regional conference for Iraq neighboring countries

Columnist Mohammed al-Dhahiri wished in an article that he could be able to closely know the real feelings each of the Arab leaders while following up the scenes of the Iraqis while destroying ousted Saddam Hussein's billboard pictures and statues, expressing their actual impression about their leader. He says the Iraqis are teaching the leaders a severe lesson confirming that no one would fight for the tyrants, especially if he is hungry and afraid.
The state of frustration and the feeling of loss and ignorance felt by the Arab citizen are fertile elements to render a young person into an extremist. The rulers also know that oppression, domination and spread of corruption are good weapons making people show loyalty enough to make those leaders to increase their assets abroad but they are not useful for postponing their escape.