Rai [Archives:2003/634/Press Review]

May 5 2003

29 April 2003
Main headlines:rn
– Increased tension, expanded circle of dealings at undecided constituenciesrn
– RAY party mourns late Dr Faris bin Jaradirn
– One woman in the next parliament rn
– GPC scores majority, an Islah surprise in the capitalrn
– ''Al-Arabiyah'' offers minister al-Sahaf a jobrn
– The NDI assesses the electionsrn
– Qatar's referendum on a constitution.rn
The newspaper's editorial says nothing is special about the elections except that they came after the pitched battles have decided the situation in Iraq and toppled the regime in Iraq, an event that shook the stagnant waters inside many forces and personalities. Because the elections came after the first shock of the political earthquake the term of ''change'' has gained much ground in the political and information address of a good number of political parties, especially by the two main parties competing for the seats in the parliament, the GPC and the Islah. RAY party has for many years adopted that slogan as an axial issue for taking the homeland out of the choking crisis and to move towards keeping pace with the age and requirements of its changes. The party feels happy for this quantitative change in others attitude that will make them closer to reality about the international developments that dictate inevitability of changes. If the concept of change gets out of the circle of slogans to practical application, that would be a significant turning-point in the history of Yemen.rn