Rai [Archives:2003/637/Press Review]

May 26 2003

20 May 2003
Main headlines:
– Germany agrees to hand over al-Mouayad and Zaid to America
– Former American commander of anti-terror forces Sattler does not rule out terrorist operations in Yemen
– Saudi human rights committee soon
– Khalid sheikh and al-Attas planed operations in Riyadh and Casablanca
– Great pressures to annul the suit against parliament
– Arrest of a Saudi armed man tried to storm the U.S. consulate in Dhahran
RAY editorial says complaining of terror in the Arab countries preceded that by America and the west. When Egypt or Algeria or Yemen used to ask cooperation with any of them for fighting terror, at least two western countries- America and Britain- were protecting terrorists against legal pursuits, offer them shelter and harbor them to spare them legal pursuits by the states that wanted to be handed over to them or to be tried. They did not consider them as terrorists but refuges, as it is the case with Israel that commits terror but nevertheless the Americans think they are victims protecting themselves against dangers. But when the operations happened in New York and Washington, which were terrorist acts, all kicked up a dust against terror. Those who use terror as a means in international conflicts have discovered that terror is a double-edged weapon. America supported terror one day to carry out a mission serving its interests but found out later that it turned against it.
America is not the only target of terror. The entire world, the Arab countries in particular, is also aimed by terror. America wants to hit the kind of terror that harms it and lower its extent to the degree that it would not pose danger to it. That is why America does not want to fight terror through the United Nations where the Arabs want the world to agree on an international agreement describing terror and formulate a certain mechanism for cooperation in fighting terrorism in the entire world. America has the power to terrorize terrorism but the poor do not have that power then it does not matter terror be a whip lashing their backs. The same description is applied to Britain.